German Corona-returnees in the barracks: “The greatest danger of the bearing Koller”

After their return from China, more than 100 German and their relatives are cared for at a German army base. Volunteer with go for at least two weeks in voluntary quarantine. The authorities stress that the risk to the population is low.

The quarantine Block in the Südpfalz-Kaserne in Germersheim stay Fresh. “The building was only completed in 2018”, says German captain Josef Vollmer, not without Pride. The object with the painted number 4 was unoccupied – so far: Because on Saturday, dozens of German citizens and family members of the Coronavirus have been particularly affected Chinese city of Wuhan on the base of the air weapons training battalion arrived.

A small room with a bunk bed and a bathroom with towel warmer: this is for the first two weeks your home. The Exit of the building with mouth protection is possible, in some distance by a fence bordered with point of view protection of the Area around Block 4, however. Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa has A double bed in a room in the barracks South of the Bundeswehr

Toy for two dozen children

Dozens of people in a limited space: “The greatest danger of the bearing Koller,” admits Michael Sieland from the German Red cross (DRK). The organization is on the ground for the returnees, but also for the contact in the quarantine Block. “The support in the red Zone take 27, Volunteers from the DRC,” says Sieland. “We want to employ the people that are probably happy and relieved about the return.” For about two dozen children’s toys ready to be spent. “And we can always bring in supplies,” stresses Sieland.

In the barracks, the people would have made it, “some by” a good and adequate care, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of health, Ms. Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (SPD) for sure. “I hope that all can return to work after two weeks healthy to their friends and families.”

The local residents remain calm

Up to 14 days, the incubation period lasts – the period of time of the possible infection until the outbreak of the disease. Is discovered in this time, in Block 4 of infection with the Coronavirus, don’t have to stay all returnees for longer. “The people are divided into groups of four. If the characteristics of a disease appear, just stay on the affected group – three groups will be able to go home,“ says County Commissioner Fritz Brechtel from Germersheim. And how the mood of the population of the city is? “Left,” said the CDU politician. Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa A lock stands on the site of the barracks, South of the Bundeswehr in front of the building, in the German, back from China, in about 14 days in quarantine to come to

If you talk to people in the municipality with about 20,000 inhabitants, seem to be really few people to make a great deal of Worry. The barracks is also on the outskirts of the city. However, the newspaper “die rheinpfalz reported” that in the past few days in the pharmacies of Germersheim, the sales figures for mouth protection and disinfectant-to be soared. “Professionals say that Every Flu patient is contagious as a person with a Corona,” says district administrator Brechtel. “Besides, It’s not sick to come to us.”

“We have a doctor with Ebola experience”

“We minimise the quarantine risk – it is purely a precautionary measure”, says the südpfälzische of the Bundestag, Thomas Gebhart. The CDU-politician, is Parliamentary state Secretary at the Federal Ministry of health. “Experts say The Virus is not so aggressive as had been feared. The danger to the German population remains low,“ stresses Gebhart. “We will respond appropriately, decided, quiet, and transparent.” Every day the people in the Block 4 is to be investigated by a physician. Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa a lot of media interest in a press conference held in the barracks of the South Palatinate of the German armed forces

DRK-man Sieland, according to a mobile medical practice is ready for it. “We have a doctor with Ebola experience, and we have our 27 volunteers that volunteered to go into quarantine.”

A part must pay the returnees themselves

One of them is Oliver, Talke is. The 52-Year-old from the West of the forest, the decision was made according to its own information easily. “For such missions, we wear the red cross sign on the Sleeve,” says Talke on this gray February day. Anyone know the Situation. “We are briefed by the Doctors, I’m as relaxed in.”

The cost for the quarantine, the Federal government assumes, according to the Secretary of state Gebhart. Also the vast cost of the flight will carry the Federal government. The passengers must participate, however, you will probably have to pay the price of a regular Economy airline tickets from China to Frankfurt. Andreas Arnold/dpa The German armed forces machine in landing at Frankfurt am Main

Eleven Germans came to the clinic

At about 16.30 hours, the dark gray machine of the air force in Frankfurt had been placed. Photographers and camera teams with yellow vests you expected at the edge of the runway. After the Touchdown, they rolled on out of sight. Passengers exiting passengers or boarding Doctors were not visible from the distance exactly. For hours, journalists had to endure, again and again the arrival was postponed. Among other things, because the German army aviators could not, as planned, in Moscow between land. He was fueled instead, in the Finnish capital of Helsinki up.

After landing, the passengers were examined by a physician some travel in buses not occurred to Germersheim with. Eleven came, according to the authorities, for further clarification in the Frankfurt University hospital. A person should be examined for the Virus, the other other reasons. A suspected case should arise during the stay in the Südpfalz-Kaserne, would provide hospitals in Ludwigshafen, Germany, for treatment, said health Minister Bätzing-Lichtenthäler.

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