Doctors turn to thumbs for diagnosis and treatment by text

Dr. Anna Nguyen spoke with none of the five patients she treated on a recent weekday morning. She didn’t even leave her dining room. The emergency physician nevertheless helped a pregnant Ohio woman handle hip pain, examined a Michigan man’s sore throat and texted a mom whose son became sick during a family trip to […]

A Brain-Controlled Robotic Suit Allowed This Paralyzed Man to Walk Again

A quadriplegic man was able to walk again using an experimental robotic body suit which he controlled with his brain. The exoskeleton was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Grenoble in France, who hope that their proof-of-concept demonstration will show the possibilities offered by brain-machine interfaces in improving the lives of […]

Footage shows a TWIG being pulled out of a three-year-old boy’s ear

Stomach-churning footage shows a TWIG being pulled out of a three-year-old boy’s ear The toddler’s mother contacted¬†Audiologist Neel Raithatha, from Leicester He performed an E-suction which gentle sucks the object or wax from the ear The twig was no more than five millimetres and could have punctured a hole Stomach-churning footage has captured the moment […]