Callback Müller: cleaning wipes can be harmful

The company Dr. Schumacher returns to cleaning cloths. As the company explained, were detected in the product bacteria of the genus Enterobacter (Pluralibacter) gergoviae. The product was sold exclusively in stores by the Drugstore Müller.

Specifically, it is the product "CV Perfect Lift pampering Reinigungstücher" from Dr. Schumacher. In case of eye contact, a health risk cannot be excluded. product recall Müller: cleaning wipes can be hazardous to your health

Item description: Perfect Lift pampering wipes
Brand: CV Falls Vera
Contents: 25 Pieces
EAN: 2200223815216
Batch number: 214915
Sale period: 18.09.2019 – 22.01.2020

Affected article can be returned in all Müller stores. The purchase price will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

A portion of the contaminated packings can be detected by bloated packaging, small dark spots on the fleece, or a sour smell. The cleaning cloths should not be used.

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