After the introduction of the tampons expensive, the manufacturers increase the prices radically

One of the many small injustices for women, the end of the year: The sales tax on menstrual products was lowered from 19 to 7 percent. However, the manufacturers have increased prices and partly strong. The dealer does not know why.

The supermarket chain Kaufland has confirmed to the “daily mirror”: “We have received price increases for the month of hygiene products.” They could not understand the higher demands of the supplier. “Currently it is not known to us, that the prices for raw materials have increased,” it says of the country of purchase more. You are not willing to accept these price increases and is currently in negotiations about it.

The VAT has been reduced at the beginning of this year, from 19 to seven percent. Actually, retailers, manufacturers, and policy agreed, this price reduction directly on to the customers. Also, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” had reported of price increases by the manufacturer, and explicitly Johnson & Johnson called, one of which is the market leader, “whether”. The US group said on request of the “daily mirror”, has not been increased for the new year, the manufacturers ‘ delivery prices.

Competitor Procter & Gamble, which manufactures under the brand name of Always menstrual article, not before said that it had carried out increases in the run-up to the tax reduction not a price and the “in this context,” too. In the trade, emphasizes on demand – for example, in dm, and Rewe, the prices are not raise. On the question of whether the manufacturer is now calling for higher prices, not wanted to answer both of the companies.

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