More Stress for employees in the public service

Every second, officials and employees in the public service will feel regularly tired and exhausted. In addition, they report more frequently of a high level of job strain than Workers in other sectors of the economy. A new fact sheet from the Federal government shows Institute for occupational safety and health (BAuA).

While 67 percent of employees need to serve in the public service, often Working at the same time, say this in the industry only 58 per cent, and in only 50 per cent of the workforce. As servants of the state to report more frequently that you be interrupted in your work frequently, or that they often work at the limit of their efficiency. The Figures are based on data from 17,000 employees in Germany.

In a survey from the year of 2018 were asked various health problems. Employees in the public service, reported here, more of a General tiredness, faintness or fatigue (52 percent) of nocturnal sleep disturbances (34 percent), or headache (39 percent).

The public service covers many professions, for example in administration, teaching, nursing, police or justice. The tasks and conditions of work in these occupational fields differ significantly from each other.


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