Meghan Trainor Reveals Another Pregnancy Complication at 36 Weeks

Pregnancy isn’t easy for anyone, and right now, no one knows that better than Meghan Trainor. The Grammy winner recently revealed on Instagram that at 36 weeks pregnant, her baby is in a breech position. But she’s doing what she can to remedy the situation.

Trainor shared a beautiful pregnancy photo in which she looked like nothing less than a fertility goddess in the flesh with an update in the caption.

“Preggo update: Baby is breech again at 36 weeks so I’ve been laying upside down on my couch every day lol,” she wrote. “Other than that, we are doing amazing and we’re ready to meet this baby!!!! Also nowadays I don’t look anything like this but damn we looked good this day🤣 big thanks to the team!! 💚”

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According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, by 36-37 weeks, most babies turn on their own into a head-down position. When babies remain feet or bottom down, it’s referred to as breech position and can result in delivery complications or a switch from a vaginal birth plan to a surgical one. In some cases, an obstetrician can manually rotate the baby but if that’s not successful, a C-section is usually recommended.

Earlier in her pregnancy, Trainor was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which affects 2-10 percent of pregnancies each year. Gestational diabetes (GD) is caused when the body can’t synthesize enough insulin, which results in high blood sugar. If it goes unmanaged, GD can cause premature birth and other pregnancy complications.

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Trainor, who will be a first-time mom, has been candid about her difficult pregnancy. She spoke with the Today show in December 2020 and described her diagnosis and management plan. “Got a little little tiny bump in the road — I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but it’s manageable and it’s OK and I’m healthy and the baby’s healthy,” Trainor explained in an interview with NBC’s Joe Fryer. “I just have to really pay attention to everything I eat. It’s nice to learn so much about food and health and nice to hear that so many women experienced this.”

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