Hair loss treatment: A vinegar which changes the pH balance and increases hair growth

Hair loss can be a natural part of the ageing process. Losing one’s hair can also be a hereditary or caused by high levels of stress. According to experts, using this vinegar will help change the pH balance and could boost hair growth.


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When hair follicles are blocked and deprived of oil, bacteria accumulate and healthy oils become scarce, resulting in hair loss and potentially even baldness.

To prevent or fix clogged follicles, it’s been suggested that using apple cider vinegar to rinse the scalp.

This natural hair loss treatment may work wonders to unclog pores and promote hair regrowth.

Medical News Today said: “Some advocates claim that apple cider vinegar deserves a place in everyone’s hair care routine, thanks to its powers to relieve a variety of scalp conditions, including flaking, dandruff, and psoriasis.

“Others have said it can boost hair growth.

“Hair has an ideal pH level of between four and five, but many commercial shampoos may disrupt this.

“Because apple cider vinegar has a high acidity, it follows that it could help maintain the pH balance, thus making hair smoother, stronger, and shinier.”

In a study with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, shampoo’s PH level and how it can affect hair was investigated.

The study noted: “Dermatologists most frequently prescribe shampoos for the treatment of hair shed and scalp disorders.

“Alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fibre surface and, therefore, increase friction between the fibres.

“This may lead to cuticle damage and fibre breakage.”

Apple cider vinegar’s potential power to lower pH could help boost hair health and stop hair loss.


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According to experts from the United Kingdom’s hair loss treatment specialist the Belgravia Centre, apple cider vinegar can be a good clarifying hair rinse.

“This is due to apple cider vinegar’s ability to remove all traces of product build-up on your scalp.

“Build up left behind by styling products or shampoo can clog the follicles, leading to scalp conditions such as dandruff, and in extreme cases may also cause hair loss.”

Science supports the use of apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse.

It could also help strengthen hair and improve lustre by lowering hair and scalp pH.

It may also keep pesky scalp infections and itchiness at bay.

However, it should not be relied on to reduce inflammation or solve diseases or issues of the scalp, like dandruff.

Everyone’s hair is different and apple cider vinegar may not work for everyone.

It’s best to try it in your hair care routine and see if it works for you personally.

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