Grandma, 63, photographed 40 years apart looks incredible in both photos

Lesley Maxwell, 63, isn’t your stereotypical grandma.

The bodybuilding grandmother-of-three has washboard abs that she’s been sculpting for the past 40 years.

She has managed to maintain her incredible figure for the past four decades and still works out as much as she ever did.

Lesley, from Melbourne, now shows off her ripped physique while performing fitness challenges on her Instagram.

Her account boasts over 26.9K followers and fans can expect to see pictures and videos of her toned body as she proves that age is just a number when it comes to being fit.

Even though gyms are currently closed, the grandmother-of-three is keeping herself active by working out at home.

Recently, Lesley filmed herself flawlessly performing bodyweight squats while wearing stiletto heels.

Lesley, who previously worked in promotions and as a makeup artist, has won almost 30 fitness titles for her incredible physique.

She started her bodybuilding journey well into her late 40s after coming across a TV advertisement for a fitness competition where glamorous women paraded around in heels and bikinis.

Feeling inspired, Lesley decided to become a personal trainer at the age of 48 and won her first fitness competition a year later.

Lesley puts her ageless looks down to her gruelling fitness regime and works out five times a week doing deadlifts and squats.

She says she gets approached by men who are decades younger than her and feels better than ever.

However, Lesley doesn’t do diets and instead focuses on eating nutrient-dense food high in protein and saturated fats – and her favourite meal is whole organic eggs, sauerkraut salad, and sprouted grain bread.

We can only dream of looking as good as Lesley in our 60s.

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