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Coronavirus: new infections in lower Saxony with many quarantine cases

The Corona outbreak in Germany due to a breaking of chains of Infection, was restricted to the operation of Restaurants in Germany. In the meantime, the regulations were relaxed, however, in many places, again. However, local visits seem to continue to be a threat, such as now, in lower Saxony shows. There was ordered to new infections with the Coronavirus for at least 50 people in quarantine.

According to the state of lower Saxony, the new have cases with COVID-19 in the Northern German state on a stable low level and leveled off. However, there are now in a rural district in East Friesland, multiple infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which also led to at least 50 people in quarantine need to.

So far seven positive findings reported

According to a recent communication from more than a week were in the district of Leer no confirmed Corona cases reported, but now there is a new Corona outbreak.

The information, according to the Department of health from Tuesday until Friday of this week were notified of seven positive findings, which relate to each other.

“These new cases have led to that already in place for a minimum of 50 persons as a precautionary measure, home quarantine has been arranged. Further test results are still pending,“ – said in the Letter.

Contact details of gastronomy, visitors will be stored

According to the authority, the infections are probably in connection with a visit to a Local.

The health Department has been known since the cases are durable in use, the contacts of the Infected track and on this basis decide to pursue, who needs to be in quarantine and who is not.

Helpful in search of Infected is likely to be the regulation that restaurant visits are only allowed after the notification of contact details.

According to a press release of the lower Saxony Ministry for social Affairs, health and equality, that the operator or the operator of a restoration operation, document the name and contact details of each guest and the date of entering and leaving the facility, and three weeks needs to keep, so any infection chain can be traced.

Cornonavirus can spread at any time

The health Department Empty stressed that the current outbreak to a single case with only a few contacts.

“It is a outbreak with at the same time more Infected, and many contacts.” Time-consuming, the tracking is now.

District administrator Matthias Groote (SPD) takes the current cases as an occasion to once again call urgently to the citizens:

“This outbreak serves as a clear reminder: Corona is not over, the Virus can spread at any time. Therefore, I ask: do not Give heed to yourself and to others. Keep your distance, follow the hygiene rules and the contact restrictions.“ (ad)