Corona reached the turning point? Top virologist doubt statement, for three reasons

The first comprehensive report on sickness and deaths due to the Coronavirus suggests that the turning point has been reached: The Chinese, according to scientists, less and less people contract the disease. The Munich-based physicians Clemens Wendtner has his doubts.

Chinese scientists have now published a first comprehensive report on the Coronavirus. The researchers from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) presented the development of the disease. You sorted the number of infections after the date on which the first symptoms occurred. So you want to estimate the time course of the epidemic.

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A total of 72.314 patient files were in the Corona-report, 44.672 of them are confirmed cases. In addition, the researchers analyzed 16.186 suspected cases, 10.567 clinically diagnosed and 889 asymptomatic cases to 11. February had been reported.

A total of killed up to 11. February 1023 People. This would correspond to a total mortality rate of 2.3 per cent, however, non-infected cases confirmed included.

The report represents the onset of the Corona symptoms of a curve. The study authors concluded that these reached their climax on the 23. to 26. January, 2020. Then, the curve took up to 11. February again. The data give the impression that the Corona-Virus has reached its turning point already. Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention , The report of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that the Corona-the turning point is already reached.

"Doubt that the hoped-for trend reversal handelt"

“First of all, the epidemiological curve of the decrease in the number of confirmed diagnoses appears encouraging, the CCDC in the publication berichtet", Clemens Wendtner explained. As the chief doctor of the infectious diseases and tropical medicine, Munich, clinic Schwabing, and he currently treats nine German patients, who are suffering from Coronavirus. "But as a Clinician, I have doubts as to whether it is of the hoped-for turnaround in this massive outbreak."  

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Physicians of incomplete Figures

Wendtner feared that the case numbers in the report are incomplete. Both the diagnosis, as well as in the count of the cases he looks for possible sources of error. Therefore, no clear Trend could be made of it on the future development of the Virus are derived. Wendtner not called three reasons why it is still the hoped-for reversal in the case of Corona-Virus.

1. China has difficulties in the detection of diagnostic

For one thing, he doubted that the Virus has been diagnosed in China, especially in Hubei to all who are actually ill. The Chinese reportedly have the second-the availability of evidence way removed diagnosis.

2. Many cases are not confirmed

Also in the counting and confirmation of the cases he sees a possible source of error: "In the mainland of China to be counted in addition, especially in those cases where patients are already showing symptoms of COVID-19, quite different than the WHO recommendation, according to which PCR-positive cases are then confirmed counted, even if the Patient (still shows) no symptoms."

3. There is a high dark figure

In addition, Wendtner feared a high number of unreported cases of COVID-19-patients in the Region Hubei. He assumes that people who feel sick would not be immediately consult a physician: "Who’s going to the hospital to see a doctor, if he has fear, is quarantined and the apartment can only leave hard?"

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