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Hygiene rules for cloth masks, not necessarily to take seriously

Regardless of how you personally: With the Mask requirement in some areas of the public life, we have to arrange at the moment. Cloth masks are more sustainable and thus better for the environment than disposable masks. However, some rules must be observed when you Wear it and Clean it, in order for the masks to be hotbed of bacteria and viruses, and thus to a health hazard.

These points you need to consider

The American Mayo Clinic has to Carry in a post, the most important – and cleaning tips for fabric masks selected. The decision is based mainly on the recommendations of the American health authority (“the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” CDC), supplemented, however, by its own recommendations.

1. These criteria should meet the fabric mask

First of all, the proper fit of the mask is important. According to the Mayo Clinic, the mask should fit snugly, yet comfortably to the sides of the face and fasten with straps or ear loops to be.

In the best case, the mask should consist of several layers of fabric and not Breathing restrict. The fabric mask should be suitable at high temperatures washable and dryer without damage, or to change the shape.

2. Wash the mask regularly

The fabric mask should be washed regularly. How often, depends on how often you wear them. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you wash the mask after each daily use. This means, you can wear the cloth mask on the same day, several times should you wash at the end of the day and not the next day use. Otherwise, can breed germs strong.

3. So wash off the mask properly

According to the Mayo Clinic, it should be sufficient to wash the cloth mask with Laundry detergent with “hot” water temperature in the washing machine or by Hand. What temperature is to be understood exactly is not answered. So if you want to go, you should choose a water temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius.

4. So take off the mask properly

For the safe removal of the cloth mask, the Mayo Clinic gives the following recommendation: “when you Remove a cloth mask not touching eyes, nose and mouth, and you clean immediately after you Remove your hands.”

5. Storage

The Mayo Clinic advises not to store used masks in bags, if you want to use it again later. Instead, you should fold the mask gently to keep or transport, and in such a way “that the contaminated outer folded side inwards and against themselves”.

For the Transport we used, according to the Mayo Clinic, at the best, a clean paper bag, which should only be used once. After touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly or disinfect. (kh)