Bayern tightened Corona-ceiling – Hamburg for the first time in weeks without a new infection

The Coronavirus pandemic in Germany medicine, politics, tourism and society firmly in its grip: More than 4.8 million people globally have become infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2, 175.672 of them in Germany. All the news about the Corona pandemic from Germany, Europe and the world, you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Covid-19 in Germany and in the world – the top stories: the world medical Association-in-chief Montgomery calls for vaccination against Corona (01.25 PM) Short announces counter-proposal to the Merkel Plan (22.37 PM) Doctors are upset about the high number of Corona certificates for teachers (21.41 PM) 175.672 Corona cases in Germany – more new infections (20.11 PM)

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Top News: Again, two Bavarian counties to tear the upper limit of the new infections

08.37 PM: It remains the case that Continues to exceed in all of Germany, two circles of the Federal government in the Corona-crisis-imposed ceiling of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In the district of Coburg in upper Franconia, this value is according to the data of the Robert Koch Institute of 61.0 – tendency falling. 280 Corona-cases of the district recorded so far, and had to get over 16 people Dead.

In the town of Straubing in Bavaria the limit is exceeded with 54.4 well. Here 418 Corona occurred infections with 45 deaths.

Sweden recorded in April, the highest death rate in the past years

06.29 PM: The Swedes go in the Corona of crisis, the much-acclaimed exceptionalism. Not a true Lockdown, a lot of movement and self-responsibility. Given the high death figures for the population of 10.3 million strong Scandinavian country, more and more doubts arise. 10.458 people died in April – this is the highest rate of death for years. The Swedish statistics Agency informed. © Anders Wiklund (dpa) Strange exceptionalism? / German Intern experienced Corona-crisis in Sweden

“We have to go back to December 1993, in order to have more Dead in just one month,” said Tomas Johansson, from the statistics authority. In the entire year of 1993, Sweden recorded more than 97,000 deaths – the highest Rate since 1918, as well as in Sweden, the Spanish flu was rampant. An official explanation for the high number of deaths in 1993, it is Johansson that. However, Sweden was searched for in that year a wave of Influenza home.

British Corona-Hero “Captain Tom” is to get a knight would

06.17 PM: The donation collection campaign for the British health staff for the Corona-heroes ascended war II veteran Tom Moore is in the knight rose to be. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has nominated one of the 100-year-old “Captain Tom” the honorary title, such as the government in London announced on Tuesday.

With his fundraising campaign, Moore had inspired “the whole country,” said Johnson. The Veteran was a “beacon in the fog of the Coronavirus”. Formally, the knight would awarded by Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister, however, has a right of proposal.

Generally in the UK as “Captain Tom,” described the former captain had made a hip-OP, up to his 100. To birthday 100 Times with his Walker his 25-Meter-long garden to be riding, and sponsor. He hoped, in this way, 1000 pounds get together – but the action was so popular that Moore got a million amount for the national health service, NHS together.

Brazil: for the First time, more than a thousand Corona Dead within 24 hours

05.42 PM: In Brazil, for the first time more than a thousand victims of the Corona pandemic, within 24 hours, recorded been. As the Ministry of health announced on Tuesday, were registered since the previous day, 1179 deaths. Experts expect that the peak of the spread of the novel Virus will be reached in Brazil only in June.

The total number of officially counted deaths in Brazil rose to 17.971. The number of reported infections to the Ministry according to the 17.408 new cases on 271.628. The infection figures, Brazil is now the world’s on the third rank, behind the USA and Russia. The country had set on Monday in the statistics prior to the United Kingdom. According to estimates of experts, the Infection could be in Brazil, however 15 times higher than officially recorded, starting from a huge number of unreported cases.

"As soon as possible reagieren": Lindner calls "bold Stufenpläne" for schools and nurseries

04.55 PM: FDP-Chef Christian Lindner has more Tempo in the Opening-up of schools and day-care centres required. "If there are four professional medical societies, access to open day-care centres and schools, and also quickly the policy as possible reagieren", he told the German press Agency. Several medical associations, including the professional Association of child and youth doctors, had argued in a joint opinion for an immediate complete opening of kindergartens and schools. "According to the associations of children are not strong drivers of the pandemic. We must come to the right conclusions ziehen", Lindner said.

The Corona-crisis could no longer be carried out on the backs of children and parents. There is a need for "quickly smart and bold Stufenpläne", such as schools and kindergartens faster back in the classroom might be made. The countries will decide on their own. In Saxony primary schools and kindergartens for all since the start of the week are open again. Elsewhere, there is in the day-care centres continue to only emergency care. At the schools the students change at the moment: A part of learning at home, the other gets in the classroom.

TOP NEWS: the world medical Association-in-chief Montgomery calls for vaccination against Corona

01.17 PM: The Chairman of the world medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, has for a vaccination against Coronavirus is pronounced. "I was there for the vaccination compulsory in the case of measles. I’m also here for a Impfpflicht", Montgomery said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The Federal government had stressed again on Monday that you don’t want to make a future Corona vaccination for duty: "There is no vaccination against Coronavirus geben&quot is;, the Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer said.

Yet, no such vaccine exists. Worldwide there are, according to the Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (vfa), but more than 120 vaccine projects. Whether a vaccine can still be in this year on the market, is considered to be questionable. dpa/Boris Roessler , Frank Ulrich Montgomery, head of the world medical Association

Montgomery claimed that the German government would have to ensure with legal measures, "that is not the one who is the first to be vaccinated, the most for zahlt". "First of all, the residents of care homes and staff need to be vaccinated in the clinics. I am afraid, however, that in this country, a black market will arise." This is a different Problem, come to Montgomery: &quot said;There will be people that do not want to vaccinate. You are infected, you are a danger to people who can’t be vaccinated for health reasons. We have to give it to as many people as possible."

US President, Trump sees high Corona-the case number as "Auszeichnung"

Wednesday. 20. In may, 0.52 PM: US President Donald Trump may be the variety of proven Corona-infections in the United States – more than 1.5 million – something positive. He didn’t think of it as a “bad thing” that there are so many proven infections in the country. "I consider it in some ways as a good thing, because it means that our Tests sind&quot much better;, Trump said on Tuesday (local time) in the White house. "I consider it an honor, really, it is a mark of distinction." If you are most like in the U.S., almost 14 million people, there are also more cases, he said. Trump turns out that in the United States is much more tested than in other countries.

Almost a third of the nearly 4.9 million confirmed infections worldwide is in the US, where approximately 330 million inhabitants. In no other country are there more proven infections. The case numbers of the individual countries, due to the different test rate and the expected high number of unreported cases, however, only limited comparisons.

"In the next Tagen": Short Plan announces counter-proposal to the Merkel –

22.37 o’clock: Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz has a counter-proposal of several countries to the German-French-Corona-plan for the reconstruction of the European economy is announced. "We believe that it is possible to boost the European economy and to vermeiden&quot nevertheless, a mutualisation of the debt;, said on Tuesday the "The Upper Austrian Nachrichten". The paper should "in the next Tagen" be submitted.

dpa/Arno Melicharek/BKA/dpa, Sebastian Kurz, the Federal Chancellor of Austria.

Austria is in agreement with the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden – a group of economically strong and economical countries, "we belong to fühlen", the conservative politician said. These countries had been in front of the Corona-crisis against the EU Commission’s proposal for the multiannual financial framework. "We want to be in solidarity with States that have been hit particularly hard by the crisis. However, we believe that loans are the right way, not grants."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron is proposing a 500-billion-Euro programme for the economic recovery of the EU. This could first of all give to the pandemic affected countries, such as Italy and Spain air. The Plan, however, must be from all 27 EU member States unanimously decided. The money is to be taken on behalf of the EU on the capital market and in the context of the EU multiannual financial framework as an aid to countries in crisis to go.

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