Amid coronavirus fears, here are some tips to to keep yourself safe

The virus, when inside the body, can cause runny nose, sore throat, headache and fever.

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading not only in China but has also been detected in several countries worldwide even though no positive case has been detected in India so far. Amid travel restrictions in some places and growing panic, the main question that everyone seems to be asking is how to keep one safe from contracting the virus? Remember, there is no vaccine available yet.

Typically, the symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, headache and fever. While these are the typical symptoms of flu that go away in a few days, the coronavirus can cause respiratory tract illnesses, making it especially deadly for those with a weak immune system — like old people and children.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory symptoms is one of the most basic things that one can do at the moment. In addition to this, some other simple measures can also protect you, especially if you are looking to travel right now. Read on.

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* If you have to leave the safety of your house to go to public spaces, wear gloves or mittens, and keep them on at all times, especially inside buses.

* If you must remove the gloves, so as to shake hands with someone, remember to consciously keep the hand away from your eyes, nose and mouth, even if you are itchy. Before putting the gloves back on, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

* Do not repeat your gloves. Change and wash them daily. And never put on damp gloves.

* Most masks are ineffective and lose power after you wear them once or twice. Besides, using the same mask every day is also a big no-no, as the contents of the mouth and nose can attract bacteria. If you do not want to wear masks, stay away from crowded places and maintain personal space when interacting with an individual. If someone sneezes or coughs in your presence, step back immediately. Also, avoid hugs.

* In your house, replace old towels with clean, washed ones. And do not share your towel with anyone. Wash the towels at least twice a week and do not use them damp.

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* If you are not wearing a glove, use your elbows while pulling doorknobs. Better yet, wash your hand after that. If you have a sick person at home, keep the house clean and wipe doorknobs every day. Exercise caution while using cellphones, laptops, and other handheld objects.

* While having your meals, do not share utensils. Do no allow children to sip from somebody else’s glass, and do not use your own personal spoon or fork to remove food from a serving bowl. Always use serving ladles. Wash your kitchenware thoroughly.

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