Feeling exhausted? Here’s how you can recover from a burnout

Burnout is mostly characterised by exhaustion and cynicism.

If you feel increasingly exhausted every day, unable to manage stress, chances are you are suffering from a burnout. It mostly affects people who are coping with workplace stress. Sometimes, a burnout is also accompanied by mental and physical health conditions that can make it difficult for a person to deal with the demands of the daily life.

Experts believe that burnout is mostly characterised by exhaustion, cynicism and feelings of reduced professional ability. In other words, you may begin to feel tired, start disliking your job and life, and feel inadequate and incapable at work. While most of it is work stress, some of it can also stem from your lifestyle choices and personality. Here is what you should do in order to recover.

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Talk to someone

Reach out to someone who you think will understand your situation. A family doctor or a therapist will better understand the condition and prescribe some medication for you to deal with it. If you do not want to take medicines, your psychologist may suggest cognitive-behaviour therapy for mild to moderate symptoms. This will likely give you immense relief.

Cut down on caffeine

Next, you can limit your caffeine intake. When you are already experiencing burnout, drinking too much coffee can cause insomnia, anxiety and headaches.

Take rest

When you are not in office, do not think about work. Do not check work emails, and truly rest. Let your mind and body recuperate as much as possible so as to not feel exhausted. If the stress is too much, you can reach out to a professional. Also, get a lot of sleep whenever you can. In fact, stick to a schedule and get seven to eight of sleep.

Set boundaries

In life, it is good to have boundaries. All of us need to understand how much we can chew and bite accordingly. When you take in more workload than you possibly should, you end up struggling, spending long hours at work and feeling stressed out about it. Learn to say ‘no’. Suggest an alternative solution instead, which will work for both you and the asking party.

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Practise mindfulness

Every day, set aside some time to indulge in some breathing exercises and meditation. It can be when you finally reach home. Before you hit the bed, meditate a little and allow your mind to relax and rejuvenate. You owe it to yourself.

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