Supergoop Introduces ‘Daily Dose’ Vitamin C Serum, SPF Hybrid

Supergoop has brought SPF to several categories in the past, but now it’s giving consumers’ treatment steps a protective twist.

The brand, which has infused many a sunscreen with skin-care ingredients, is bringing its first-ever vitamin C serum to market. Called Daily Dose SPF 40, the product will retail at $46 on the brand’s web site as well as at Sephora, Bluemercury and Nordstrom. Industry sources estimate the serum will do between $8 million and $10 million in retail during its first year on the market.

“The reason behind so many of our SPF products is to appeal to the new consumer that maybe wasn’t wearing SPF, but likes the idea of getting, in this case, vitamin C and sees the importance of the two being used in conjunction with each other,” said Holly Thaggard, founder of Supergoop.

The formula’s hero ingredient is touted for many benefits, but Thaggard said consumers aren’t aware of its fragility. “People are loving the benefits of vitamin C. It’s one of the most researched ingredients, it helps brighten the skin, makes it more luminous, and lessens fine lines and wrinkles. It’s this wonder ingredient, but we found through our research people don’t know that when vitamin C is exposed to sunlight without SPF, it’s completely photo-incinerated,” she said. “So many people want to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C, but they’re actually not getting the benefits if they’re not pairing it with SPF.”

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To that end, combining the serum’s vitamin C and SPF in a single formula was challenging and took over a dozen iterations to perfect, according to Thaggard. “It was definitely the most challenging thing that we’ve ever worked on, in the 16 years that I’ve been doing this,” she said. The serum includes 10 percent vitamin C, 2 percent kakadu plum extract and 2 percent niacinamide.

Accruing customer loyalty has come easily to the brand, but Supergoop president Amanda Baldwin thinks the product’s skin-care credentials will attract a new customer. “Most of our future is going to be about changing opinions about SPF and getting people to wear it year-round with multiple products,” she said. “I think the consumers will look at us in a new way because this is hardcore skin care.”

Product education will be integral to communications around the serum. “That’s really a huge part of our mission. A huge part of our strategy going forward is not just to teach people about why SPF, which is where we always start, but also to make sure we’re at the forefront. Holly and I share this belief that if somebody’s done it before, why bother?”

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