Five Oat Beauty Product Launches

Whether oatmeal, oat milk or by itself, oat is emerging as a popular winter ingredient thanks to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Collection

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Sachajuan Fresh Lavender Body Wash and Body Lotion

Sachajuan Fresh Lavender Body Lotion and Body Wash Photo courtesy of Sachajuan

Available at Net-a-porter. Prices range from $41 to $44.

Body care might not have always been Sacha Mitic’s wheelhouse, as the cofounder of Swedish hair-care brand Sachajuan, but that didn’t stop him from going all-in on the category. “We originally are a hair company, and we started these body washes because people told us they were using our shampoo all over their bodies,” he said. “It’s really important our products come from our experience and not a marketing perspective. Everything we do has a connection to the way we do our work, or customer feedback,” he said.

Most recently, the additions are its Fresh Lavender Body Wash and Body Lotion, which match its soothing scent with calming benefits. The hero ingredient, oat beta glucan, is from Mitic’s native Stockholm, and is derived from Swedish oats via a chemical-free, patented extracted process. “Usually, they can’t extract oat and put it into cosmetics, but a company in Sweden was able to deliver the molecule. It not only has great properties for the skin, but it also penetrates the skin. When you deal with things on your skin, you need vehicles that deliver them. It’s a very natural product, it takes away rashes, and it makes your skin very soft,” he said.


Wldkat Oat Milk + Saffron Glow Serum

Wldkat Oat Milk + Saffron Glow Serum Photo courtesy of WLDKAT

Available at for $45.

When Wldkat founder Amy Zunzunegui launched her brand at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, her mission was simple: to put a loud, fun twist on functional, CBD-infused skin care. Her latest launch, Oat Milk + Saffron Glow Serum, she said, will probably be considered more serious skin care. “By nature of that, it will probably broaden our audience,” Zunzunegui said.

The serum features 1,000 mg. of broad-spectrum CBD, alongside oat and saffron and hyayluronic acid for moisturization. For Zunzunegui, the product’s ingredients speak for themselves. “There’s a lot of serums on the market, there’s a lot of glow products on the market. But for us, it felt really right for our customer to have a functional serum that works for all skin types,” she said.

The ingredient list exemplifies Zunzunegui’s old-meets-new approach to formulation. “We knew we wanted a serum, something hydrating with anti-inflammatory properties that was all about glow. Oat milk and oats are known for their calming properties. Saffron is starting to be discussed in skin care, and the serum’s loaded with CBD, which has high functional levels,” she said.


Lumene Arctic Hydra Care Moisture & Relief Rich Eye Cream

Lumene Arctic Hydra Care Moisture & Relief Rich Eye Cream Photo courtesy of Lumene

Available at for $26.99.

Seasonal weather changes are top-of-mind at Lumene, the wildcrafted skin-care brand based in Finland. So, when formulating a skin-barrier-protecting product for the delicate eye area, the brand turned to the Nordic landscape for inspiration. Alongside pH-balanced arctic spring water, upcycled oat oil adds a boost of thermal protection. “Oat oil has omega fatty acids and vitamin E, and is an excellent ingredient to strengthen the skin barrier function. Through that, it reduces transdermal water loss. It’s also a rich oil, it’s very nurturing for dry skin,” said Tiina Isohanni, vice president of research and development and sustainability at Lumene.

The product is especially geared toward dryness, tightness and irritation in the eye area, a greater consumer concern as temperatures drop. “We are also using nordic bilberry seed and canola for antioxidants,” Isohanni said, noting that the formulas are vegan and cruelty-free. “It’s really important that we use ingredients from Nordic nature.”

Eight Saints Hometown Honey Bar Soap

Eight Saints Hometown Honey Bar Soap Photo courtesy of Eight Saints

Available at for $14.

Eight Saints gained its name from the eight hero ingredients in all of its skin-care formulations. As the brand expands into body care, the list of hero ingredients is expanding. The debut launch is a collection of three bar soaps with shea butter, goat milk, kaolin clay and coconut oil. The Hometown Honey bar includes oatmeal for its exfoliating properties. “Oatmeal is a really great mechanical exfoliant, whereas goat milk is going to exfoliate with lactic acid,” said Jessica Maxcy, brand manager. “The oatmeal is just an amazing natural exfoliant, and Hometown Honey is really good for acne-prone skin, eczema and psoriasis.”

For Maxcy, the ingredient’s draw also comes from its ability to draw oil out of the skin. The bars are super-sized, thanks to a custom soap cutter, she added. “We have ingredients we really believe in. We just thought they were lacking in the body department,” she said. “There’s a lot of mass-market body stuff, but as far as naturals with great quality ingredients, I don’t feel like it’s a big category out there.”

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