While doubts as to the Corona-rise Numbers in Italy, there is a new theory to the outbreak

Although Italy has one of the first countries in Europe, the public life to a Minimum, and the Coronavirus more. An Italian researchers are now investigating whether the Virus might have erupted much earlier in Europe than previously assumed.

As the epidemiologist, Adriano Decarli, University of Milan, the news Agency "Reuters" said, have inflammation in the third quarter of 2019, a significantly higher number of flu illnesses and lung in the Lombardy given. According to Decarli, there were hundreds of cases more than usual, to mention but without exact Numbers. Some of the patients had died. Affected especially the regions around Milan and Lodi were at that time.

"We want to know whether the Virus by the end of 2019 already here in Italy war"

Decarli checks now on the basis of hospital records and other clinical Details whether the Coronavirus is already erupted earlier in Italy. "We want to know whether the Virus was the end of 2019 already here in Italy, and – if Yes – why is it over a relatively long period of time undetected blieb", he said "Reuters". So you would already have a clear picture, they should be provided with a second epidemic wave face.

Should be a theory of something, then the number of Coronavirus patients and deceased people are likely to be significantly higher than previously assumed.

Professor of medicine questioned Decarlis theory

There is, however, to be broken out is also a counter-claim, the of Adriano Decarli mentioned theory that the Coronavirus was already the end of 2019 in Europe. Paul Hunter, Professor of medicine at the UK’s University of East Anglia, said he think it is extremely unlikely that the Coronavirus has already occurred prior to January of this year in Europe.

More and more politicians hold official infection and death numbers is far too low

Meanwhile, cast doubt on the official Figures on the spread of the Virus to grow in Italy at the moment. In the North of Italy, more and more politicians and representatives of the authorities speak, the official infection and death numbers is far too low. As reported in Nembro near Bergamo, officially, as yet, only 31 deaths, as mayor Claudio Cancelli, and of the authorities of staff of Luca Foresti on Thursday in the newspaper "Corriere della Sera" wrote.

"This number has not convinced us, and that is why we have cases, the nature of the statistics to the average mortality in the community from previous years, in the period from January to March angeschaut", wrote the two men. "The number of deaths would be under normal circumstances, approximately 35. This year we have seen 158 (deaths), which is 123 more than the average." The number 31 could not therefore vote.

According to the two men, there are similar anomalies in other places of the Region, especially in Cernusco sul Naviglio. There were, therefore, six Times more Deaths than in the official Coronavirus-statistics. Claudio Furlan/LaPresse, via ZUMA Press/Reuters Medical staff in protection suits with a patient in a emergency tent in Brescia (Lombardy)

On Wednesday the mayor of the heavily affected city of Brescia sounded the Alarm that the number of infections and deaths is much higher than officially stated. Many of the Sick were at home "and we don’t know how you geht", Emilio Del Bono said.

Italy is, after China and the United States, the third most from the Virus affected country. According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 80.500 people have been infected with the Coronavirus. 8215 people have already died. The regional President of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, said that the Figures were "not gut" and would cause him concern. Lombardy is considered the epicenter of the Coronavirus.