To test, disconnect, protect: Germany, Doctors place a Corona-Exit-strategy

The Association of sickness Fund physicians, has developed an Exit strategy from the Corona-crisis. The contract doctors emphasize the point of view of medical care in everyday life. Protective equipment for Doctors and practice staff, as well as the separation of patient flows play major roles.

Ultimately, the policy must decide how Germany comes out of the self-imposed Shutdown due to Covid-19 again, and when the normal life you can go further. In the meantime, get numerous groupings, thoughts, what might work –of course, so that your own interests remain safeguarded.

  • Corona-Exit strategy: the return to normality can look

Now, the Federal Association of German doctors under contract with, the CBD introduced, their Exit proposals. The paper, which was presented in a Video press conference, bears the title “Back to Life” and to point the way back to the normal standard care in the medical practices.

Against the Background that the infection happen with a reproduction number of 0.8 the national average positively developed, it was justified, to plan for the gradual termination of the state of emergency, said the KBV head Andreas streets in the Video presentation of the concept.

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The CBD relies in your medical approach to easing on three main points: targeted testing of ,isolation of patients and protection of particularly vulnerable groups of the population and medical personnel. Also, who is the first to be vaccinated as soon as it is possible, the doctors representatives.

1. Targeted testing of risk groups and medical staff

A prerequisite for a relaxation of the contact constraints targeted testing are the risk groups, as well as employees in health care payments.

Because of the limited testing capacity of the KBV representative, rely on Pooling in doctor’s offices, hospital wards, homes for the elderly and care services. So to be in a practice with a staff of five, in whom an infection was unlikely, only one Person tested. As a result, a more realistic amount of around 600,000 Tests could in the week to achieve and bottlenecks at the world’s sought-after test material minimize.  

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2. Separate office hours for Covid-19 patients and suspected cases

Covid-19 takes currently the most of the space in everyday life, in the reporting and in the consciousness of the people. From a medical point of view, the infection is not one but the main disease in the country, stresses the KBV head Andreas streets. It was, therefore, guilty of negligence, which supply solely based on their needs. Many chronically ill patients would in part go to out of fear of the Virus, your doctor, and thereby to endanger their health.

So that all patients can be cared for, must Covid-19-suspected cases, in fact, Infected and other patients will be strictly separated from each other. In addition to Corona-focused practices, especially separate hands to help hours for family physicians in cooperation with certain specialist physicians, to minimize the risk of infection.

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  • 3. As a rule, operation with protective measures

    The standard care in medical practices should be to some extent possible. With sufficient protective equipment for the entire staff, the Physicians could operation of the rule, immediately back to, said streets.

    As for the mandatory and long-term sustainable separation of the groups comprehensive independent Covid-19 facilities, with a further decline in infection numbers efficiently. Except in the Metropolitan areas of five patients of the day in some Corona’s offices. The KBV suggests in your concept, therefore, is to integrate in the medium term, the tasks of these centers are in regular operation. Family doctors, pediatricians and basic specialist physicians should provide for “infection-in office hours” to separate the patient flows.

    In hospitals the rule will outweigh supply gradually. Under this point of view, the CBD proposes a discussion on the possible structure of Covid-19-hospitals or separated Covid-19-hospital stations.

    The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

    Phone contact and prioritization of vaccination

    The Exit strategy is that patients should take in case of unclear symptoms continue to be initially by telephone contact to the doctor’s office. The systematic quarantine of Infected with a mild course, and the medical Monitoring via a twice-daily telephone contact to remain on the Agenda.

    40 percent of the Covid-19-patients older than 60 years. The particular risks in the care in old people’s homes and clinics, which have to be counteracted with protective equipment.  

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    In terms of an expected vaccine should recommend to the Standing Committee on vaccination at the Robert Koch-Institute, as soon as the substance is present, a vaccine for people over 60 and groups at risk with pulmonary, cardiac, and immunosuppressive the pre-existing conditions. Also the staff in health care should be a priority for vaccination, suggest the authors of the CBD-paper “Back to Life” finally.

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