The UK wants to introduce Coronavirus-alarm system

The pandemic keeps Germany and the world continue to breath! More than four million people have, until now, with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 169.376 of them in Germany.

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, the UK wants to introduce a new alarm system to work similar to the already existing Terror warning system. Thus, the authorities and the population should be informed at an early stage, increase in infections, said housing Minister Robert Jenrick on Sunday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to turn the evening in a televised address to the Britons, previously, he warned: “Now the most difficult part.”

The five-step Corona-alarm system should be supervised by a new centre for biosecurity, said Jenrick, the channel “Sky News”. It should work on both national as well as at a local level. On the basis of the data could also be decided when and where the Corona measures are relaxed. “Currently, the country is at stage four, five would be the most worrying,” said Jenrick. The goal is to go as fast as possible at level three. With every step down the economic and other restrictions should be lifted.

The System is initially planned only for England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will follow according to the will of Johnson.

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