Some known symptoms of cold, flu and covid-19

As of now, there are 512,701 confirmed cases and 23,495 deaths according to WHO.

As the cases of Covid-19 increase day by day, experts have rounded off some of the common symptoms that can be misinterpreted by people. As the number of positive cases increase, the medical facilities may get overwhelmed making things worse. To combat this scenario, government officials have requested everyone to practice self-isolation and social distancing.

As of now, there are 512,701 confirmed cases and 23,495 deaths according to WHO. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 80 per cent of people contracting COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus recover without requiring any specialist treatment and suffer only mild, cold-like symptoms.

Here are some common symptoms that were given out by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, CDC and WHO. 


* Rare fever

* Rare headache

* Slight aches and body pain

* Mild fatigue and weakness

* Nothing such as extreme exhaustion

* Stuffy nose is common

* Usual sneezing

* Common sore throat

* Mild coughing

* Rare shortness of breath


* High fever

* Intense headache

* Usual body pain

* Intense fatigue and weakness that might last to two to three weeks

* Usual exhaustion

* Stuffy nose sometimes

* Something sneezing

* Common sore throat

* Mild to severe coughing

* Rare shortness of breath

Coronavirus (Still evolving) 

* Common fever

* The patient may have a headache

* The patient may have body pain

* The patient may feel fatigue and weakness

* The patient may feel extreme exhaustion

* Patients have reported stuffy nose

* Patients have reported sneezing

* Patients have reported sore throat

* Coughing is common

* In more serious infections, patients have shortness of breath

According to WebMD, The average time it takes people to get sick after being exposed to the virus is about five days. Some people get sick faster, just a day after being exposed, while others don’t fall ill for about two weeks.

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