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In the case of Rewe sold: the manufacturer calls back drink

The Frank Juice GmbH, based in Munich, has started a recall for the drink, “Frank Juice Green.” According to the company, the juice is partially provided with false labels. Therefore, an Allergen is not identified, which can be for certain people to be a health hazard.

The Frank Juice GmbH will call back article of the variety, “Frank Juice Green” in 330-Milliliter bottles with the date of minimum durability (best before date): 04.07.2020. Reason for the measure is a partial likelihood of the labels in the case of the above-mentioned Batch. The product content does not match the information according to the ingredients list!

Some ingredients not listed on the label

“Products in this Batch in the list of ingredients with the front of the label matches that are not affected by this recall!”, the Munich-based company wrote in a message published by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) on its Portal “”.

The ingredients are celery, parsley, Kale is not noted in the product but in the list of ingredients; however, they are listed clearly on the front of the label.

The ingredient in lemon juice is not indicated in the Declaration but in the juice available.

The Smoothie was sold in stores of the food retailer Rewe.

Life-threatening anaphylactic reactions are possible

Due to the possible allergic reaction by eating people with celery Allergy should be aware of the recall and the affected product under any circumstances consume!

“In this case, it is assumed that a potential health hazard!”, the company writes.

According to the Medical University of Vienna celery belongs in Central Europe, “the most important of all genes from plant food in adults and can be mild oral symptoms to life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.”

According to the figures, the celery’m allergic to most as a cross-Allergy in birch pollen – and/or mugwort Allergy sufferers and those with allergies and very rarely as a proper food Allergy before. (ad)