Pollen count today: What is it? Do this with your pets to keep allergy symptoms at bay

Pollen count is based on how many grains of pollen there are in a cubic metre of the air. People who suffer from hay fever and allergies will often find that their symptoms worsen when the pollen count is high. The Met Office have forecasted medium levels of pollen for the South of the country including the midlands while the North is forecasted to have low levels of pollen.


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Many people love having pets, however experts suggest that pets can cause allergy symptoms to become worse.

Pollen can spread easily through the air and can build up on surfaces.

With hay fever, some people will experience runny noses while others may get itchy eyes and therefore not everyone will find that their allergies worsen with having pets.

A cat or dog that has been outside may be bringing pollen in on their fur.

Therefore, in order to keep allergy symptoms at bay, you need to keep your pet clean.

Superdrug Online Doctor recommend washing your pets regularly and keeping their fur trimmed.

The NHS website states that if your allergy symptoms are bad, then do not allow pets into the bedroom.

This is because when pets carry pollen on their fur, they can leave particles in your bedroom or even on your bed.

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This will cause your symptoms to become worse because you will breathe in the pollen.

You should also wash your pets bedding regularly as this is also another place that pollen can build up on.

Hoovering floors regularly can help remove pollen and animal dander build up and when cleaning around the home, it is advised to use a wet cloth as this will lift the pollen up rather than spreading it around the home.

You should also wipe down your surfaces before hoovering as left over pollen from surfaces will transfer to the floor.


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Avogel suggests walking your dog when the pollen counts are lower.

Their website says: “Pollen counts generally tend to be higher in the middle of the day so, if possible, try walking your dog out with this period.

“Counts tend to be lower in the morning and the evening so this is the best time to go out. Therefore, why not use this time to go for long walks and take a shorter one in the middle of the day.”

When walking in areas of greenery, it is recommended to take medication to help keep allergy symptoms at bay.

This includes antihistamines which can be purchased at your local pharmacy as well as eye drops and nasal sprays.

You should take antihistamines around an hour before you go outside to ensure that they have time to work.

As well as keeping your pet groomed and clean, this also applies to whoever has been outside with the pets.

Pollen can collect in hair and on clothes and so experts recommend washing your clothes as soon as you get home and taking a shower to help rinse off any pollen that has built up.

After washing your dogs toys and bedding, these should be dried indoors to prevent further pollen build up.

You can check the accurate pollen count here: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/seasonal-advice/pollen-forecast#?date=2020-05-24

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