New Virus to blame for mysterious illness in China, fear of a great trip shaft

Experts have identified a new Virus from the group of corona viruses as a trigger for the mysterious lung disease in China. Prior to the trip shaft to the Chinese new year, the Worries grow.

The spread of a previously unknown lung disease in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan is probably a novel Coronavirus. Chinese experts have deciphered the genetic sequence of the pathogen, the world health organization (WHO) on Thursday in Beijing.

Therefore, people not too easy to each other with the pathogen. Before the big trip, wave to the Chinese new year on 25. January Responsible person expressed, nevertheless, the concern that infectious diseases such as these could be increasingly spread, when hundreds of millions of people are on the go.

Possible infection by wild animals

Corona viruses often cause harmless colds, however, also pathogens include dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers. The pathogens occur in humans and in the animal world. A Skip of the highly variable virus between animal species or from animals to humans is not uncommon. As the place of origin was suspected in Wuhan market, where, besides fish and wild animals were sold. The market is now closed.

So far, the infection has been confirmed in 59 people, eight of which as a cured to leave the hospital, have. The condition of seven patients was considered least critical. Deaths are not yet available. According to reports from Hong Kong and Singapore, was first reported from South Korea-a suspected case. It was a 36-year-old Chinese woman, who have visited in the past month, Wuhan, reported the authorities. You will be treated in a hospital in Bundang, South of Seoul.

Government urges caution

Before the annual great migration of peoples to the new year, the government warned to take precautions. “I would like to remind everyone to take personal protective measures to ensure healthy and to come back home without any problems,” said Wang Yang from the Chinese Ministry of transport in Beijing. “The Emergence of the epidemic like a lot of trouble to travel over the new year.” To disinfect, the authorities focused on the turntable for transportation such as airports or train stations, where many passengers had to watch.

Other Asian States have enhanced precautions upon entry, especially by travellers from Wuhan and fever controls introduced to prevent a feared spread. In Hong Kong, there are so far, 16 suspected cases in Singapore, a possible Affected person was discovered. Not in all cases there is a direct relation to Wuhan.

Travel warning by the US Embassy – WHO appeased

The U.S. Embassy in Beijing issued a travel warning. Travelers to Wuhan, is to avoid, therefore, animal markets and contact with animals or uncooked meat. Also, you should go to the sick people out of the way and wash their hands often with soap and water. Who had been in Wuhan, and sick feel, should immediately search medical help and contact with others to avoid, it was more. Before the doctor will be sought, should be informed of the practice or clinic about the travel history and the symptoms.

The WHO adopted specifically, no special travel warning. In a message have been acknowledged that the identification of a new Virus in a short time will notice a “values is achievement”. It demonstrate the growing capabilities of China, with such outbreaks deal. According to Chinese media, the gene sequence of the Virus was identified in reports in a patient and 15 other Patients confirmed.

Concern about new pathogens

The Chinese scientists expressed concern about the new type of Virus. “The development of specific drugs and vaccines against the new pathogen could take years”, quoted the state television experts. “The new Coronavirus, which has triggered this epidemic, unlike that of the human corona viruses that have been discovered.”

The Skip of diseases from the animal Kingdom to humans in General, not unusual. Other examples of such so-called zoonoses, Influenza, HIV, Ebola, Mers, and rabies. In case of a spontaneous host of the pathogen and change the risk of a devastating epidemic is often greater than in the case of long-circulating, because the person has no antibodies against the new virus. This is the typical scenario that is feared, for example also in the case of a flu pandemic with the bird flu virus.

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