Merkel described their study as very important: researchers now Corona Plan

The Coronavirus spreads: In Germany, 2834 people are already as a result of Covid-19 died, 124.239 are currently infected with the Virus. Worldwide, more than 1.7 million Corona cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most cases. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Merkel study, to be referred to as a "very wichtig": Researchers present Corona Plan

Chancellor and Prime Minister to discuss the future of the hard constraints in the Corona-crisis. For the Chancellor, the far-reaching recommendations of the Leopoldina are likely to be very important.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina recommends, for example, under certain conditions, as soon as possible, first of all, primary schools and secondary level I, step back to open. On Monday, the published opinion of the scientists, it means, among other things, to the conditions that the infections would have stabilised at a low level, and the well-known hygiene rules to be adhered to. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the study of the Leopoldina as a "very wichtig" for further action referred to. Everything on the subject of schools, read in-depth articles from FOCUS Online

The Opening of the schools is only one point of a 19-page paper. The on Monday published an opinion ("The crisis in a sustainable manner überwinden") the scientists, dealing with further steps in the Corona of a pandemic, there are the following recommendations.

  • A mask of duty such as in buses and trains from.
  • Other parts of public life will gradually can, under certain conditions, again, are normalized. First of all, about the retail sector could open, the hospitality industry and authorities. But also private and business trips as well as social, cultural and sporting events could take place again. Private and business trips as well as social, cultural and sporting events could take place again. This is also &quot should, however, first of all;necessary clinical back-up capacities aufgebaut" and other patients are resumed on a regular basis. As a prerequisite is also called that hygiene rules are disciplined adhered to.
  • In the recommendations it says under the item "Economic and fiscal policy to stabilize nutzen", state investments should only be in dire emergency to the stabilization of the company are used.
  • The experts also call for on the market economic rules. So is the “debt brake” in the framework of its existing rules to capture. This allow, especially in special times such as the Corona-crisis, considerably higher leverage, asking for the return to normality back in their Return. Generally, it is in this context that in the crisis the measures taken, the economic policy measures should be taken as soon as possible for the benefit of sustainable development in the framework of a liberal market order or customized.

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