Live Science podcast "Life’s Little Mysteries" 6: Mysteries of eating and drinking

In this episode of Life’s Little Mysteries, we’ll take a closer look at some of the mysteries surrounding a couple of things that we do every day — eating and drinking.

Why do french fries taste so terrible when they’re cold, what would happen if you at an entire Trinidad moruga scorpion chili pepper, and is it safe for people to drink blood? Listen to Life’s Little Mysteries 6: Mysteries of Eating and Drinking, to find out! 

We’ll also hear about how a piece of popcorn that got stuck in a man’s teeth sent him to the operating table for open-heart surgery, and a food scientist explains how researchers are bringing flavor back to ho-hum tomatoes.

Co-hosts: Jeanna Bryner and Mindy Weisberger

Guests: Denise Tieman of the Plant Innovation Center at the University of Florida in Gainesville; Rachael Rettner, senior writer at Live Science

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Originally published on Live Science.

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