John Barrowman health: ‘I was on my knees in agony’ Actor’s shocking injury

John Barrowman was born in Glasgow and raised in the Scottish town until he turned eight when his family relocated to the USA. John’s high school music and English teachers changed the future course of his life, with his tutors instilling in him the love of performing. He later moved to San Diego and studied performing arts at the United States International University and then returned to the UK performing in London’s West End playing the role of Billy Crocker in Anything Goes at the Prince Edward Theatre.


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The actor suffered a painful accident whilst performing a dance move recently and seriously injured his neck.

John was rushed to hospital after the tumble and was forced to cancel some of his upcoming shows.

John’s excruciating injury had ruptured his vertebrae and left him reeling in pain.

Speaking on This Morning, John explained: “I was doing a TV appearance a couple of days ago and they asked me to come on and do this dance move, which I did and my brain thought I was 20 years old again and I did some kind of a drop.

“And when I fell down on the ground I ruptured my C5 and C6 vertebrae, which then ruptured the facet joint.

“I’ve got to get the technical terms right.

“When I fell down on the ground I ruptured my vertebrae then also ruptured the facet joint, and it caused a severe amount of pain. ‘It started getting worse and worse.

“I literally was on my knees in agony, I couldn’t sing because I couldn’t extend my jaw, I was on my knees in tears. It was kind of frightening.

“I didn’t know what was gonna happen. My husband Scott was trying to make a joke to make me feel better and I looked at him and said, “It’s not funny, I’m really scared.”‘


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What happens when a vertebrae ruptures?

The Cleveland Clinic said: “When an external force is applied to the spine, such as from a fall, the forces may exceed the ability of the bone within the vertebral column to support the load.

“This may cause the front part of the vertebral body to crush, resulting in a compression fracture. If the entire cerebral column breaks, it results in a burst fracture.

“Osteoporosis is the most common risk factor for fractures, as the disease causes bones to weaken.”

John underwent multiple intraspinal injections at hospital to help reduce the inflammation. After a few days of recovery, he told the show that he feels “70 to 80 percent better.

“I have movement in my neck, I can talk.”

Following the mishap, John was forced to cancel his Fabulous Christmas shows in Bristol and Glasgow as part of his UK tour.

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