In North Rhine-Westphalia can look forward to more people on more easing

The Coronavirus pandemic has the world firmly in its grip: More than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 179.928 of them so far in Germany. All messages to the Corona-crisis in Germany, Europe and the world, you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: Corona outbreak in Bremerhaven parish (08.38 hrs) Corona-the outbreak after visit to the Restaurant: the operator must business give up (06.41 am) Johnson announces a further easing in the UK as of Monday (23.25 p.m.) provinces report 651 New infections – the R-value drops to all-time low (20.05 hours), and a Mysterious children’s disease reached Germany (17.38)

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TOP NEWS: Corona outbreak in Bremerhaven parish

08.37 PM: In the context of a Pentecostal Church in Bremerhaven, it is to a larger Corona outbreak with at least 20 of the Infected came. The Portal &quot reported;North 24". 43 members of the congregation were now in quarantine.

Market in Wuhan was the place of origin of the Virus?

08.35 PM: so Far, scientists assumed that a wild animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the origin of the Coronavirus that is the initial transmission from animal to human took place. The competent center for disease control, CDC has now investigated the on the market sold animals to the Virus, with surprising results. All samples were negative. The “Wall Street Journal”reported.

Researchers do not accept, therefore, that the Virus jumped for the first time at the wild animal market animal to human, but earlier. Rather, the market eventually become the site of an early super-spreader event. "It turned out that the market ist&quot one of the victims;, quoted Gao Fu, Director of the CDC. Reuters/Xiao Yijiu/XinHua/Reuters A woman in Wuhan, by a Person in protective suit on the Coronavirus tested.

Surf tip: the animal market or in the lab? – What is the Coronavirus? Three theories

Top virologist to doubt the success of the vaccine search

07.42 PM: The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck doubts that it will be in the foreseeable future, an effective vaccine against the Coronavirus is. “Against HIV over 500 vaccines were constructed, a few effectiveness been tested, but none has worked,” said the Director of the Institute for Virology at the University hospital of Bonn, the editorial network Germany (RND). All the predictions of when there will be a vaccine, were “not serious”. You would have to adjust to the possibility that no vaccine will be found. “The Virus is here and will remain. And we need to prepare ourselves to deal with it,“ said the head of the Heinsberg-study on the Corona-distribution of the RND. dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpabild Professor Hendrik Streeck is in a laboratory of his Institute.

Basically, Streeck sees good opportunities to keep the Virus manageable. He suspect that there will always be local outbreaks. “Maybe it will happen in the fall also increased and, surprisingly – but I don’t think we will see a second wave, the us literally flooded and overwhelmed,” said the scientist. A decisive key for the containment Streeck sees in the prohibition of large-scale events. “The seems to prevent to have the most likely what brought,” said Streeck the RND.

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    TOP NEWS: Corona outbreak after visit to the Restaurant: the operator must give up the business

    06.40 PM: After a series of Corona infections in a Restaurant in a circle Empty of the operator his license to be returned as the "NDR" reported. So he had come, apparently, an withdrawal previously, the license had already been issued only on Reservation. The reason: The testimony of the man was missing prior to opening. After the opening of the testimony had been submitted, and then the withdrawal of the license had been prepared. The operator had been well before.

    23 guests had been infected after the re-opening of the Restaurants in East Frisia with the Corona, more than 170 people had to be in quarantine. According to current knowledge, the three guests had apparently already shown before the evening symptoms, which indicated a Covid-19-disease. This had been tested in retrospect to the novel Coronavirus. Reuters/Lars-Josef Klemmer/dpa After the visit of a restaurant in the district of Leer are several people positive for the Coronavirus have been tested.

    Johnson announces more easing in the UK starting on Monday

    23.25 PM: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has further gradual loosening of the Corona-containment measures in the United Kingdom from the beginning of June announced. "Starting next Monday, friends and relatives can be reunited with their loved one zusammenkommen", Johnson said on Thursday at a press conference. In England people are allowed to back in groups of up to six persons at a distance to meet, for example, in private gardens. Reuters/Yui Mok/PA Wire/dpa , Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of great Britain

    Johnson described the relaxations as a "long Moment&quot expected and joyful;, since people lived in their families separately, then re-"both parents or both grandparents on einmal" could see. In addition, primary schools and markets to open again. In mid-June to return to the older students back into the classroom. In addition, on 15 may. June, all the shops after a 12-week forced break open again. In July, the hotel operation is to be resumed.

    The UK is one of the most difficult of the Corona-pandemic-affected countries. So far, more than 37,000 people have died there, according to official data of the Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19. Johnson had the strict measures and output restrictions on the 23. March imposed.

    TOP NEWS: state report 651 New infections – the R-value drops to all-time low

    20.05 PM: The number of Corona infections in Germany on Thursday to 651, for a total of 180.579 confirmed cases increased. With the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a province reported no new Covid-19-cases in the past 24 hours.

    As recover 163.200 people, active Corona are currently in use-cases, there are roughly 8,900.

    The reproduction number has reached in Germany on Thursday a low. According to the Robert Koch Institute and the calculated value of 0.68 decreased to 0.61. Never during the high phase of the Corona pandemic, the length of such a measuring value is so low. 100 with the novel Coronavirus Infzierte plug, thus in statistical average, approximately 61 people. The previous all-time low of the R-value was 0.65, the on 6. May was achieved.

    Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

    • Baden-Württemberg: 34.642 (1743 Deaths)
    • Bavaria: 46.998 (2454 Deaths)
    • Berlin: 6737 (196 Deaths)
    • Brandenburg: 3262 (169 Deaths)
    • Bremen: 1372 (40 Deaths)
    • Hamburg: 5071 (221 Deaths)
    • Hesse: 9915 (471 Deaths)
    • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 759 (20 Deaths)
    • Lower Saxony: 11.774 (587 Deaths)
    • North Rhine-Westphalia: 37.679 (1581 Deaths)
    • Rhineland-Palatinate: 6688 (230 Deaths)
    • Saarland: 2694 (165 Deaths)
    • Saxony: 5268 (209 Deaths)
    • Saxony-Anhalt: 1703 (55 Deaths)
    • Schleswig-Holstein: 3076 (144 Deaths)
    • Thuringia: 2941 (158 Deaths)

    Total (As Of 28.05., 19.59 PM): 180.579 (8403 Deaths)

    The Previous Day (As Of 27.05., 19.58 PM): 179.928 (8403 Deaths)

    Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

    The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, at around 163.200.

    Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: 0,61 (as of 28.05.)

    Demos in Berlin, without limitation, gyms and pubs open

    18.01 PM: For demonstrations is in Berlin in the future, no limit on the number of participants is more. This was agreed by the Senate at its special meeting on Thursday, according to information from the German press Agency. It was unclear at first as to when to apply. Currently, public meetings are due to the Corona pandemic to 100 participants is limited. Michael Kappeler/dpa Berlin: protesters and police face off against

    Fitness studios are allowed to open in Berlin from June. The Senate agreed at its special meeting on Thursday, according to information from the German press Agency. When, exactly, the lifting of restrictions for the Studios pandemic is because of the Corona, is still unclear.

    After more than two months of ban because of the Corona pandemic’m in Berlin starting next week events open to the sky allows. The Senate agreed at its special meeting. Therefore, are expected to be 2. June Open-Air events such as concerts or film screenings with up to 150 participants, from 30. June, with up to 300 participants. Major events remain up to 31. August is prohibited.

    The pubs in Berlin can open with restrictions as well. Because of the Corona pandemic, you had to close in mid-March. When the new arrangements were still unclear.

    After week-long closure due to the Corona pandemic, Berlin cinemas may 30. June re-open. The Senator for the interior Anderas hostage (SPD) announced on Thursday after a Senate session. Open-air cinemas can, therefore, already on the 2. June movies show.

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    Covid-19: Mysterious children’s disease reached Germany

    17.38 PM: After the deaths in New York and, most recently, in France, comes a mysterious children’s illness in connection with the Coronavirus, also to Germany. Dozens of children were ill in the American East coast metropolis on this novel autoimmune disease, whose symptoms are similar to the Kawasaki syndrome. The “daily mirror” reported that, in four ill children in Hannover the so-called Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem syndromes, short-PIMS, was found. All of the children had antibodies to the Coronavirus. Worldwide to date, approximately 230 cases have been reported.

    The person Concerned should have been in the middle of April in the children’s hospital “auf der Bult” in Hannover in treatment. The children between the ages of three months and 13 years, developed different symptoms – just a high fever occurred in all four of the young patients. The other symptoms ranged from a lung inflammation, inflammation of to to gastrointestinal. The disease was mild, the children were between four and twelve days to be stationary. You are now at home and are medically treated.

    Whether these four cases are actually the first and only in Germany, cannot be conclusively evaluated. The press office of the hospital told the “daily mirror”, that there are also cases of these new auto-immune disease in Munich and Dresden.

    200 people infected to worship in Frankfurt with Coronavirus

    16.41 PM: After the service of a free Church in Frankfurt am Main on 10. May, 200 people from the environment of the municipality have until Thursday to Covid-19 have been tested. You lived in 57 in Frankfurt, the other lived in seven surrounding counties, said a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt health Department. Currently nine people in hospitals would be treated as inpatients, in a case in intensive care. Reuters The facade of the municipal house of gospel Christians Baptists: After a Church service in the parish two weeks ago, more than 100 people with the Coronavirus infected.

    Last weekend, the infections in the gospel-Christians had become-Baptist-Church. A spokesman for the municipality at the time had declared that all of the requirements for services had been met. In the beginning of the week published information, the speech was, however, of congregational singing. Also nose-mouth-masks were not worn.

    400 people from breaking out of Corona isolation centre in Malawi

    16.38 PM: In Malawi are around 400 people according to the authorities, from a Corona-insulation center erupted. The people had been getetet after their return from the neighboring country of Mozambique to Covid-19 and had to wait on the orders of the government in a stadium in the city of Blantyre on their results. The people, however, complained about poor conditions in the stadium. "We had no food, no water and the toilets were incredibly unordentlich", it was stated in a report of a Affected.

    Then 400 people from the stadium broke out on Wednesday, as the health Director for the district, John Kawalazira, told. According to the police, the incident is being investigated. On Thursday, the stadium was empty, abandoned tents, and a few police officers, a Reuters Reporter said.

    In Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, have so far been confirmed in the pan-African health authority and that 101 cases of Covid-19.

    Corona-outbreak distribution centre near Hanover: 72 UPS-employees infected

    16.09 PM: The postal service UPS in Langenhagen, near Hannover, have 72 employees of the distribution center with the Coronavirus infected. The Ministry of social Affairs and the Region of Hanover, announced on Thursday. 55 employees whose Test initially failed, should be re-tested. imago images/Sven Simon UPS employee loading packages in a delivery truck (the Icon).

    Also Covid-19-cases in a kindergarten and a school in Hanover stands in connection with the infection happen at UPS, shared with the Region. Families with a professional connection to the company were asked to be aware of and vigilant for possible disease symptoms. According to current knowledge, package deliverers are not affected. Mail could therefore be taken safely in reception.

    Cyprus is planning to cost to Covid-to take 19 ill tourists

    14.37 PM: In a letter Wednesday said the government of Cyprus, that in future travelers to the Virus are suffering, financially want. Thus, the cost of accommodation, drugs and food for patients and their families.

    In addition, a 100-bed must be kept in the hospital specifically for tourists is free and there will be so-called “quarantine-Hotels” for the families. imago images/Xinhua Nor are the streets in Nicosia, Cyprus are empty.

    These measures are part of the Plan to bring more tourists to Cyprus. About 15 percent of the gross domestic product of the island in the last year went back to the tourism. Therefore, this should be resumed as quickly as possible.

    From the 9. June can travel vacationers from low-risk countries, including Germany, back to Cyprus.


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