How to get to sleep: The one thing to do during the day to ensure a good night’s rest

Sleep helps to rejuvenate people’s bodies, mind and energy. Finding it hard to drift off lately? Sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski reveals her tips.

The leading expert at the Sleepyhead Clinic, Romiszewski said: “Sleep quality is more important than quantity.

“You shouldn’t get bogged down into how many hours of sleep you get.”

She continued: “Everyone is different and the amount of sleep you need may differ to someone else’s.”


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Shifting the focus from how many hours you sleep to good-quality shuteye, here’s exactly what you need.

With temperatures soaring in recent weeks, the bedroom needs to be cool.

Romiszewski advised upon a simple tip – closing the bedroom curtains during the day to limit the temperature from increasing too much.

This week has seen the UK reach heights of 27 degrees – now that’s hot.

In partnership with Romiszewski, Victoria Billings – who works at Worcester Bosch (heating and hot water manufacturer) – said: “Opening your curtains during the day will increase the temperature of the room.

“This can work wonders for energy saving in winter, but it can have a reverse effect in the summer.

“It can make bedrooms become too warm, getting us all hot and flustered!

“So, by keeping curtains shut in your bedrooms during the summer months you’ll keep them cooler and help create a better environment for great sleep.”

The International Dermal Institute confirmed that women have skin that is 25 percent thinner than men.

Romiszewski added: “The research shows that a preference to sleeping in hotter conditions is more common in women.

“It may explain why women are likely to prefer sleeping with an extra blanket, or more duvet, to men.”

But the optimal bedroom temperature is to be kept at 17 degrees.


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Romiszewski commented: “Our core body temperature drops just before sleep onset.

“Having a temperature too high in your bedroom can unhelpfully increase the amount of time it takes you to fall and stay asleep.”

And if you have any pets in the house, take stock of where they rest their heads.

“During the summer, pets often migrate to the coolest places in the house,” Romiszewski revealed.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, keep the curtains drawn during the day and invest in a fan.

Additionally, make sure the sheets – if using any – are made of cotton.

Cotton is a breathable material, making them feel cooler on your skin.

One trick is to fill up a hot water bottle, freeze it, and place it by your feet at night.

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