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The sea – the cesspool of the world

The sea is the largest Ecosystem of the earth. For centuries, it provides the human basis for existence and diet. But never the sea was in such a bad state as in the present time. Overfishing, destruction, pollution, thermal Stress and Acidification will cause massive damage to the Ecosystem. How long the sea can take and what will be the impact of this on the people? The scary thing is: Nobody knows!

Researchers at the GEOMAR Helmholtz centre for ocean research Kiel, Germany in a recent study on the disastrous state of the oceans to the attention of, and advocate, to back the connection between the condition of the oceans and human health more in the focus of the research. The study was recently presented in the international journal of “One Earth”.

We beat the Hand that feeds us

The sea influenced the health of the people as a food source, as a basis of existence, as a recreation area and especially as an oxygen producer. What are the consequences of screams the rapidly increasing destruction of this Ecosystem has on humans, is yet unknown. While the whole world is actively involved in the destruction, for the protection no one seems to feel really responsible for it.

Oceans under pressure

The threats to the Ecosystem are complex. Waste water industry, agriculture and households end up in the sea as well as plastic and micro plastic. At the same time, more and more coast to be destroyed areas and fish stocks decimated by Overfishing. In addition, the thermal Stress due to global warming and the Acidification, the calcium shellfish such as clams, corals and crabs hart added.

Condition of oceans affects human health

Even if the awareness is increased for a healthy environment for many people, is not the sea is currently in focus. The Team at the GEOMAR Helmholtz centre for ocean research Kiel now emphasises, that human health is threatened, when the state of the oceans continues to deteriorate.

Human activities endanger the ocean Ecosystem

30 international scientists from various disciplines sought ideas and ways on how you can stop this spiral of destruction. “The protection of the ocean and the recovery of his health is one of the UN goals for Sustainable development and is becoming more and more a focus of international policy, because human activities threaten the ocean Ecosystem”, emphasized study first author Dr. Andrea Franke.

When is the ocean healthy?

So far, there is not even a rating system on the basis of the it is possible to measure the current state of the oceans. “A variety of actors, it is always back to some hard-to-agree on a common Definition of ocean health,” explains Franke. Therefore, the Team developed a conceptual framework, with the health of the ocean can be assessed. The System was not only to assess the ocean’s health is important, but also essential to determine the interactions connected to the people.

All must pull in the same direction

“Healthy seas are also an important Basis for the health and well-being of the people”, so the Conviction of the interdisciplinary team. “To get active measures to restore the ocean’s health on the way to science, society, industry and politics work together,” stresses Franke. Only with TRANS-disciplinary concepts can be achieved, that the oceans are better protected and sustainably used. (vb)

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