Gisele Bündchen Says Her Son Lives in Dad Tom Brady's Shadow & Pays the Price for It

We have to imagine it’s hard for any celebrity’s child to live in the shadow of their famous parent. And so that must be even harder when that parent is the GOAT. Gisele Bündchen opened up in a recent interview with Vanity Fair and talked openly about what it means for her and Tom Brady’s children to pursue sports.

The Brazilian model made it sound like their son Benjamin, 13 has had it the worst. Unlike his father, “Benny” prefers non-ball sports like surfing and skiing. Unfortunately, the pressure of living up to his father’s legacy led to bullying after a baseball game in Boston. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is without bullies giving you a hard time for not being your Super Bowl-winning father.

P.s. Why were they being jerks after a baseball game? His dad isn’t Derek Jeter. And even if he was, the same expectation to not bully a teammate still applies!

As for Jack, 15, he is playing football and hopes to go to the University of Michigan just like his dad. Brady shares Jack with ex Bridget Moynahan, and Bündchen considers the teen to be her “bonus child”

“I love him so much!” she said.

In an episode of his podcast, Let’s Go with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Brady made it sound like he has so much fun watching Jack play regardless of if the teen follows in his footsteps.

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“And I don’t give a sh*t how well he does,” he said. “I just love watching him and seeing him enjoy it with his friends. And, you know, the camaraderie at a young age.”

And then there’s Vivian, 10, who has her dad wrapped around her finger and has taken over his Instagram account. Vivi is an aspiring horse jumper who shares her mom’s and sibling’s love for jiu-jitsu. So while Brady would get his aggression out on the field, the rest of the family was doing that on a martial arts mat.

“They’re all like senseis,” Bündchen said.

So you know what, bullies? You probably don’t want to mess with the Brady kids.

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