Germany is still sleeping: Start the game in the pandemic rules to understand

The number of Corona-Infected is increasing rapidly, closing borders, Bayern gets the case of a disaster – Germany is in a state of emergency. The most important question: How can you protect yourself and others, and the Virus stop. To do this, there are simple rules, at distance heard.

Full places, well-attended beer gardens – in spite of the stringent measures against the Coronavirus bustling around last weekend, a lot of people in public places. For example, in Munich, Germany. Pictures on Twitter show yesterday on Sunday, a crowded food market.


Another photo shows a well-attended beer garden at the Chinese tower in the English garden.

Also at lake Starnberg have come together in the beautiful weather yesterday, Sunday, some of the people.

Walks in the fresh air are good. Nevertheless, you should accumulations of larger people at the moment are better to avoid. The people in Germany can be currently the often still untouched. But right now, it is time, the rules of the game to take a pandemic seriously and to follow them. The Figures of the neighbouring countries, and the exponential spread of the Virus, more than one occasion. And it is not only the protection, but the responsibility to the society.

Everyone is now asked!

Because: in fact, the statistical risk for a healthy person, the Coronavirus is similar to that in the case of a parachute jump per day, says virologist Alexander Kekulé. Nevertheless, it should now all be in Germany to watch and contacts, as far as possible avoid the elderly and weak others to protect.

Frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, a distance of two meters, hold and contacts to avoid – these are the General tips that anyone of us mind against the Background of the current Corona-the Situation in Germany. Virologist Alexander Kekulé, has now called for a further six concrete measures, with which a contagion physicians from the University hospital of Halle that with high probability, avoid let.  

1. Other faces do not come too close

"The Coronavirus has it apart on the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and nose. Only by this it can eindringen&quot in the body;, Alexander Kekulé reported on his Blog. Because the skin itself, the Virus does not penetrate.

Since the Virus is spread via droplet infection, it will not ride up when the coughs Towards sneezes, or speaks, in the face – but only if you stand two meters away from each other. Further, the secretions do not fly according to Kekulé.

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"Who couldn’t Dodge a Huster or Sneeze in time, you should change the mask immediately and the face disinfect or wash with soap. A fabric cloth is to Wash at 60 degrees again einsatzbereit", the virologist says. Virus-containing Secretions on skin, hair or clothing, however, was harmless, if it comes with the mucous membranes are in contact.

2. Not with unwashed hands touch the face, or eat

Depending on the surface, the Coronavirus can survive a different length, even on clothing, skin and hair. "Anyone who touches around on the Bus, a handle to the fresh Secretions of a sick person is, and then rubs their eyes or eat with the hands touched, can by 'Schmierinfektion' self-infizieren", Kekulé says. Outside of their own residential area you should not touch the mouth, nose and eyes.

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The Problem: "People take about ten to twenty times per hour, unconsciously, into the Gesicht", Kekulé says. The stop was, therefore, not easily, but useful.

3. Hugs avoid

Whether or cheek kisses or hugs – such caresses are, in times of Corona in the vast majority of cases, taboo. Only in the case of partners and children of the virologist makes an exception "because in a household of the family members infected anyway, sooner or later, each other." For the visit at grandma and grandpa but still, to avoid hugs and kisses not necessarily. Because older people can be part of run for the at-risk group in which infection with Sars-CoV-2 is significantly heavier.

4. Public indoor areas as contaminated consider

Anyone who enters public spaces, the journal advises caution. Because whether it’s public transport, Restaurant or office can survive on the surfaces of corona virus for several hours. "Anyone returning from there in his own four walls, should be charged to external clothing and hands as a virus (contaminated) watch, therefore, equal to the coat in the cloakroom to hang and the hands waschen", the physician recommends.

"If the hair could be contaminated (such as by the headrest in the rail) should be no later than washed before going to bed." Who in the Free is not needed, however, to watch out so strongly, because that is where the virus strain was due to influences of the environment is low.

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    5. Avoid contact when symptoms persist

    Anyone who coughs or has a fever, should you use according to Kekulé, at the moment neither public transport nor to work or to daycare to go. "In particular, day-care centres, this rule must comply with strict, because children – based on current knowledge, – often only slightly ill, but the Virus can be eliminated. If you want to shop with a fever or cough or public traffic must use the medium, should wash hands before and a SURGICAL mask or a cloth over the mouth and nose wear." Both are interactive, but only if it is dry, because otherwise, when you Exhale, virus-containing droplets would be.

    6. Left to stay

    In order to prevent infection with the Coronavirus, Alexander Kekulé, according to the observance of the five previous rules is essential. "More effort brings no additional protection and makes life unnecessarily complicated – after all, we don’t have it with Ebola and co. to tun", the expert explains. Neither Facemasks nor greater disinfectant supplies were necessary, except for different risk groups.

    In addition, the virologist: &quot advises;Who is this sick should keep in mind that ordinary colds and flu are much more common than Covid-19. And those who become infected in spite of everything, usually has a 99% chance of Survival."

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