Doctor advises against popular hair loss treatment – It could trigger shedding

Rosemary oil has cemented itself as a popular solution for rapid hair growth on TikTok.

The fanbase has proclaimed the unlikely hair loss product could thicken hair and even lengthen it.

However, Dr Mia Jing Gao, Consultant Dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, told she would advise against using it.

Extracted from the rosemary shrub plant, the oil has purported anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Claims have reported that the product could strengthen circulation and improve blood supply to hair follicles, but Dr Gao warned it could trigger hair shedding.

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She said: “I do not recommend rosemary oil products for hair loss.

“The main risk with use is scalp irritation, which could even trigger hair shedding.”

While there’s one scientific study that backs rosemary oil for hair loss, the doctor shared the evidence isn’t good enough.

Comparing rosemary oil to a popular hair loss treatment, known as minoxidil, the research looked at 100 men struggling with hair loss.

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The findings revealed that the oil achieved the same increase in hair count as two percent minoxidil after six months.

However, the doctor pointed out “multiple flaws” in this study. She said: “The [usual] strength [of minoxidil] used in men is five percent so the dose in this study was too low.

“Other issues include the lack of placebo-control group, the small sample size and short duration of study.

“We need a lot more research before doctors can start recommending rosemary oil for hair loss.”

Dr Gao added that while rosemary oil is likely safe to use, she won’t get behind it. Instead, she recommended using Regaine, a product that contains minoxidil.

This “safe and effective” treatment for male-pattern hair loss can be purchased over the counter and used at home.

“There is strong scientific evidence proving its efficacy at increasing hair density and promoting growth,” the doctor said.

However, she suggested purchasing pharmaceutical-grade rosemary oil instead of making homemade one for those who still want to give the product a go.

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