Daphne Oz Is ‘Down Nearly 50 Lbs.’ After Giving Birth to Her Fourth Child

Daphne Oz is celebrating a big weight loss milestone — she’s lost “nearly 50 lbs.” in the nine months since she gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Gigi.

The MasterChef Junior judge, 34, showed off her progress with a photo on Instagram, and shared that she hasn’t quite hit the goal she has in mind.

“I still have a way to go, but my aim to feel strong in my skin, energetic for my kids and to love the way my clothes fit have been my guide,” she said.

Oz, who is an ambassador for WW, said that she’s been able to stick to the program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve had these goals in the back of my mind throughout the upheaval and stress of the past few months, because historically for me it would have been such an easy way to slip back into old emotional eating habits,” she said, explaining that her WW coach and the program app has helped her stay on track.

Oz told PEOPLE in February that she joined WW to make a “commitment” to her body after her pregnancy with Gigi, which she said was her “hardest pregnancy, physically,” of the four.

She explained that her career in food makes it easy to overindulge, and that she wanted to work on making “meaningful eating choices.”

Oz has shared her wellness journey over the last few months on Instagram, and said in February that getting support on social media helps her through the tough parts of losing weight.

“I do find that it really lifts me up and pushes me to continue on my own health journey that so many women have reached out and said that they either felt inspired, or are doing it with me, or feel validated that they start from wherever they start and get going from there,” she told PEOPLE.

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