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How should COVID-19-Concerned with cardiovascular problems treated?

In the treatment of COVID-19-patients and in -patients who are at increased risk for cardiovascular problems, or have developed in the course of the disease already, should be able to find proven anti-inflammatory therapies application.

A recent study of the Peking Union Medical College & Chinese Academy of Medical Science comes to the conclusion, that cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory therapies for the treatment of people with COVID should be used 19, which suffer from cardiovascular problems or diseases. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine”.

COVID-19 inflammation-related cardiovascular can cause problems

The researchers describe the various ways in which way COVID-19 serious inflammation-related cardiovascular can cause problems. Further, they announce guidelines for the treatment of these problems. Potential issues with medications currently being administered to combat this Virus, are also highlighted.

How should be hard to COVID-19 people who are ill treated?

The research group discussed as the first comprehensive application of cardiovascular of anti-inflammatory therapies for patients who are severely affected by COVID-19. The study gives guidelines for the selection of specific cardiovascular anti-inflammatory therapies for people with COVID-19, depending on the Severity of the disease and the Response of the affected Person to the therapy. In addition, the researchers point to the well-known risks of treatments for cardiovascular System, currently being tested in people with COVID-19.

COVID-19: risk for the cardiovascular System?

The risk of an inflammation of the lungs and shortness of breath in people with COVID-19 is already known, but there is increasing evidence of serious cardiovascular problems associated with the disease. Inflammation disorders an important role in the pathogenesis and complications of cardiovascular. The researchers observed that people with COVID-19 suffer stronger symptoms of an inflammatory response with greater probability of severe cardiovascular events and a higher mortality risk were able to.

As triggers COVID-19 cardiovascular problems?

It was identified in the study, a number of ways, such as COVID-can trigger 19 cardiovascular problems. The Virus can infect the heart tissue directly and cause inflammation, existing cardiovascular problems worsen or an exaggerated immune response in the body, reports the researchers.

Ongoing anti-inflammatory treatment supports recovery

Through the investigation of the current promising treatments for COVID-19, as well as cardiovascular anti-inflammatory therapies, which have been verified in clinical studies with positive results, to be promising, the research group was able to highlight potentially effective treatments. You advise in such a case, an anti-inflammatory treatment to support the recovery perform.

Caution the use of pre-clinical drugs

The researchers warn against the use of new, preclinical drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 due to their unknown efficacy and safety risks. In addition, caution should be examined with the use of certain antiviral drugs offered, some of which currently, for the treatment of COVID-19 clinically.

These drugs may increase cardiovascular problems

Some drugs, such as Lopinavir/Ritonavir, Interferon-α, Ribavirin, Azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine, which are currently used for the treatment of COVID-19, can increase the risk of a cardiovascular impairment, in fact, says the research group. In view of the fact that these drugs, in particular antiviral active compounds, can be useful in the clinical treatment of people with COVID-19 is essential, be cardiovascular-protective strategies are urgently needed to improve the overall prognosis. (as)