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Corona-the catalog of fines: In the case of not wearing a mask 150 Euro penalties

The Wearing of a mouth-nose cover is designed to help the spread of the Coronavirus curb. In the meantime, all länder have adopted a so-called mask of duty. Those who do not comply, threaten to part of high fines.

In Saxony it is already in force and in all other States, you will apply from the next week: the so-called mask of duty against the Coronavirus. With this measure, the spread of the pathogen to be contained. Who wears while shopping and in public transport no mouth, nose cover, must reckon with a penalty. In Bavaria, the fine for violations is 150 euros.

Mask duty shopping and public TRANSPORT

According to a recent communication by the Bavarian Ministry of the interior and the Ministry of health have expanded the catalog of fines for breaches of the regulations to contain the Coronavirus.

New violations of the 27 have been included now. April 2020 obligation for persons over the age of seven (that is, from the sixth birthday), shopping and public transport (PT) a suitable mouth-nose-wearing covering.

According to the interior Ministry, the so-called “mask is mandatory” for the local public TRANSPORT facilities such as railway platforms or bus shelters etc.

In other States, it was announced to abandon for the time being on penalties; but if the citizens wear in spite of the arrangement, no mouth protection, this should be quickly changed.

No medical masks needed

Medical masks are not according to the message, a self-made mask is sufficient, if necessary, a cloth or a scarf.

Special masks are currently reserved in any case to the medical staff. Whether the face masks, the (are far from everywhere) are commercially available, are actually suitable for the protection against the corona virus, is controversial.

Usually do not make any reference to the fact that you protect yourself with the so-called everyday masks even before the infection, but others from infection, can save.

Continue to keep your distance and Hygiene rules to comply with

“Anyone who violates the ‘mask’ duty’, has to reckon with a 150 Euro fine which can be doubled in case of repeated violations,” said Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. “The compliance is, of course, controlled.”

According to the fine catalogue of the fine may concern, in such cases, persons aged 14 years (compulsory to Wear a mouth-nose cover is from the age of 6 years).

“Controller of stores”, which do not ensure that their staff wears a mouth, nose and covering face even 5,000 Euro fine.

For Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml an appropriate mouth-nose cover is essential to protect yourself and others against Coronavirus infections.

“Just shopping and public transport, the infection otherwise the dangers are particularly high,” says Huml.

However, care should be taken in spite of the mouth guard requirement “to ensure, as far as possible a distance of at least 1.5 meters, to other persons to comply with. In addition, the Hygiene rules“, says the website of the Bavarian Ministry of health. (ad)