Because of Covid-19: Sick leave immediately by telephone

Cough, runny nose, hoarseness, mild cold symptoms can leave the patient immediately after telephone consultation with your doctor up to seven days of sick leave. To the fact Doctors and health insurance companies have agreed, in view of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Who needs a Sick note because of a cold, does not have to be currently personally in the practice. In this case, Doctors may issue after telephone contact to the patient a certificate of incapacity for Work for up to seven days and the patient by Mail. This is the first four weeks of the scheme, the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) and the head Association of the statutory health insurance funds have agreed today. It may be extended, if the exceptional situation continues.

First and foremost, should be to ease the strain on physician practices, which currently do because of the Coronavirus epidemic on its hands. At the same time, the risk of being infected in the waiting room with other infectious diseases is reduced in this way.

Rule does not apply in the case of Covid-19-suspicion

A prerequisite for the call and AU, however, is that the patients had neither in the last 14 days contact with a Person, in the case of the new Coronavirus was detected, even in a high-risk area with Covid-19-cases have stopped.

There is a suspicion of infection with SARS-CoV-2, to patients on the phone with the health Department in connection, instead of appearing unannounced in the doctor’s office.


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