The Celebrity Nail Art at the AMAs Was the Most Exciting We've Seen All Year

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 All of the celebrities who attended the 2021 American Music Awards — including Machine Gun Kelly, Billy Porter, and host Cardi B — on November 21 received their awards in style. But we're not just talking about their outfits for the night. In fact, many of their manicures were just as stylish as their sartorial selections for the awards show. Below, we've rounded up nine of the most beautiful manicures spotted at this year's awards that may well serve as inspiration for your next manicure. 

Rapper Iann Dior put his own twist on the ever-popular marble nail-art trend. After Dior's digits were decorated with two coats of OPI's Maraschino Cheer-y for the base, OPI's Gel Color in Black Onyx was used for the marble pattern. To create the marble-like accents, the artist reached for a design brush. 

Courtesy of brand

OPI Nail Lacquer in Maraschino Cheer-y

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OPI Gel Color in Black Onyx

Talk about never having to lose your sparkle. Singer-songwriter Zoe Wees had that covered by bedazzling both her nails and eyes with what appear to be press-on jewels. The gems on each of Wees's nails came in an array of warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow. To add to the fun and bold nature of these nail accessories, the jewels were assembled in a swirled pattern. 

Singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo opted for "classic and timeless nails with a little bit more edge," says nail artist Brittney Boyce, the manicurist behind Rodrigo's nail art for the AMAs. Rodrigo's nails for the night also doubled as a sneak-peek into UN/DN LAQR, Machine Gun Kelly's soon-to-launch nail line. Boyce painted Rodrigo's nails with the brand's Sandstorm and Depressionist polishes, which are tan and black, respectively. 

Actor Marsai Martin also tapped into fall's marble nail-art trend but with a neutral color palette. OPI's Gel Color in Coconut Over OPI was used for the base coat. Meanwhile, OPI's Gel Color in Snow Day in LA, a shade of white, and Chocolate Mousse, a shade of brown, were the colors behind the marble swirls. The pattern was created using a detailed brush by "dragging the polish in waves."

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OPI Gel Color in Coconut Over OPI

Courtesy of brand

OPI Gel Color in Snow Day in LA

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OPI Gel Color in Chocolate Mousse

Brittney Boyce was also behind singer Machine Gun Kelly's edgy manicure. "For this look, we wanted something bold in color, but [we] also felt like adding hardware would be really cool," Boyce tells Allure. "I added dripping silver chains to finish his look." She also adorned each nail with nail polish colors from Machine Gun Kelly's up-and-coming nail line, UN/DN LAQR. The shades Blank Canvas, Depressionist, and 25 to Life (white, black, and orange, respectively) added some pops of color to accompany the chains on his nails. 

Cardi B made quite the entrance at the AMAs with her golden mask and earrings, but the bold fashion statement also extended to her nails. The rapper's golden-toned talons were also serving inches — probably two or three at most. Some of the nails also came along with some opalescent jewels.

Singer and founder of Tresluce Beauty, Becky G, took her award in stride along with an all-black nail look. The singer's chunky silver and gold rings added some elegant contrast to this monochromatic manicure. 

The Pose star's navy blue nails painted with CND's Shellac in Sassy Sapphire worked their thing all right. Sparkles and sheen were not neglected at all with this look, courtesy of the crystals that manicurist Vanessa McCullough placed on each nail. 

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CND Shellac in Sassy Sapphire

JoJo Siwa's rainbow-striped nails are definitely not what comes to mind when wearing a black dress, but they work. All the colors of the rainbow brought a whimsical touch to this sophisticated outfit.  

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