Starbucks' International Holiday Drinks Range From Weird to Delicious

Travel not in the cards for you this holiday season? Starbucks has you covered. The coffee giant just released its list of favorite international holiday beverages. So, while you might not be adding any new stamps to your passport before 2019 comes to a close, you can take a tour around the world right now — with us, that is, as we take a look at some of the drinks people across the globe will be grabbing off of ‘Bux counters over the holidays.

Some of the beverages will sound familiar. You may have already ordered one for yourself this season (here’s looking at you, peppermint mocha). But some countries’ holiday drinks-of-choice might be a bit less… expected. At least for those of us who’ve never asked for a Frappuccino featuring potato chips before. That’s what’s so great about Starbucks revealing these different concoctions, right? It’s always refreshing to be reminded that the world is filled with varying people, opinions and, pointedly, tastes.

Does that mean you’ll be ordering a potato-chip laden Frapp anytime soon? Never say never. At the very least, some of these global beverages could give you a real thirst for travel in the new year. And if you ask us, you should indulge — in some of these frothy drinks and your wanderlust.

Hong Kong

With its rich dark mocha topped with “snowflakes” and a candy snowman, the Snowman Dark Mocha is supposed to invoke a wintry scene. And, let’s be real, we’d order it for the Frosty topper alone.


Well, here it is — the Frapp that dares to incorporate potato chips, the Santa Boots Frappuccino. The backstory is interesting, though! In Japan, children receive holiday stockings known as “Santa boots,” which are filled with a mix of treats including sweet (like candy) and savory (like potato chips). So, this drink honors that tradition with a base of chocolatey sauce and chocolate chips garnished with crispy salted chips and an edible cookie straw.

If you just can’t stomach the idea of potato chips in a sweet blended drink, Japan’s Nutty White Chocolate beverage is probably more your speed. Available in Frapp or latte form, it’s like a warm hug filled with white chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, toasted walnuts and shortbread.

Tart strawberry sauce, fruit and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and strawberry pieces — what’s not to love about the Merry Strawberry Cake Frappuccino?


Asia’s Holiday French Vanilla Latte is pretty straightforward, but it gets a seasonal twist courtesy of icy blue whipped cream and white sprinkles.

While the Wishing Star Dark Mocha looks at first glance like a decadent chocolate drink (which it is), it gets a surprising pop of flavor from its generous swirl of green tea whipped cream and wishing star-shaped crisps.


Ponche Navideño, or Christmas punch, is a traditional Mexican beverage served at holiday get-togethers. So, how fitting that Starbucks would put this warm hibiscus tea — whose flavor is enhanced by apple, guava, cinnamon and brown sugar — on the menu.

Latin America

People tend to love cranberry or hate it. If you’re in the first camp, Latin America’s Cranberry Mocha Blanco Latte is calling your name. A swirl of cranberry sauce and crystallized sugar meets espresso and steamed milk, white chocolate syrup and whipped cream in this festive cup.

Puerto Rico

If we had to choose only one of Starbucks’ global offerings, it might just be Puerto Rico’s Coquito Crème Frappuccino — a dreamy blend of coconut syrup, white chocolate syrup, nutmeg and cinnamon topped with whipped cream and spices.


Rich, buttery toffee nut syrup is combined with signature espresso and steamed milk in this drink. Need we say more? No wonder the Toffee Nut Latte is also popular in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Raise your hand if you’re forever a fan of cardamom-flavored things (*raises hand*). Well, you might have a bit of a European palate— this Vanilla Cardamom Latte made with cardamom vanilla sugar, milk and Starbucks signature espresso is a hit there.

To see the full list of Starbucks holiday beverages around the world, including the ones being whipped up by American baristas, check out Starbucks’ site. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go crumble some potato chips onto our Irish Cold Brews and pretend we’re on a luxurious Japanese vacation.

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