Lady Gaga's Bangs Just Got Way, Way Shorter

Lady Gaga has been turning looks for the press tour for her upcoming film, House of Gucci. Every day we wait with bated breath, waiting to see what grand red carpet look the star has in store for us – will it be a royal purple affair or maybe a dazzling silver number from head to metallic-clad toe? 

Last night, we got our answer. On November 17, while attending the film's New York City premiere at the Lincoln Center, Gaga decided to deliver old-Hollywood glamour. With hair meticulously held up in the chicest bouffant, the entertainer debuted a new set of baby bangs that were incredibly chic.

Ending just above the brow, her micro bangs are far shorter than the ones she wore in London on November 9. They created the perfect frame for the sultry makeup she wore that evening. Plus, the contrast of platinum blonde hair with a black, smoky eye and red lip never fails to command attention. We'd expect nothing less from Mother Monster. 

If you've been looking to refresh your cut with bangs, let the above picture of Gaga push you to take the plunge. Go short or go home? Alternatively, you can keep some length with the curtain bangs that took over the 'gram this year.

With so much inspiration out there, it can be hard to choose. But, as Lady Gaga has proved time and time again, take a chance and go for opulence. Watch as the crowd gags in awe.

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