Virgin Killer Sweater

A specific type of backless sweater which has a characteristic turtle-neck and a draw-string around its neckline. This virgin killer sweater was originally created as an item used for Cosplay but later on gained popularity and found its place in normal, everyday worn attire.

List of Top 4 Virgin Killer Sweaters

Lovaru Women’s Fashion Sweater Backless

Autumn is probably my favourite season amongst all since it brings the widest variety in what types of outfits one canLovaru Women's Fashion Sweater Backless wear, and I must admit, this sweater dress is by far my most preferred clothing item of this season!

It’s so comfy, it’s honestly unreal. I adore how cosy this jumper sweater makes me feel (I could roll around all day in it like a baby panda). It actually reaches the length of a short dress and I like to pair it with a long-sleeved shirt since it’s backless but made for cold weather (you get the irony?), but it’s so pretty!

I wasn’t really expecting much out of the material since I don’t trust online shopping all that much, but I’m glad to report that I was pleasantly surprised; the quality stays just the same even after multiple washes.

This is the kind of outfit you can pull off not only on lazy indoor days but also low-key casual events without keeping it too plain or going too far and it looks so bomb with jeans (I just had to put this out there). I got mine in small size in Grey and it not only fits perfectly but actually feels like it was made for my tiny deficient body, so I’m sure all the other sizes are just as reliable as mine was. I’d truly be a sinner if I didn’t recommend it or had anything to say about it!


PiePieBuy Women’s Virgin Killer Sweater

This sweater dress is honestly the only thing that I’ve ever seen that is simultaneously both chic and adorable. It’s PiePieBuy Women's Virgin Killer Sweater nice and breezy, low-cut and hugs all your curves in all the right places in exactly the right ways. The fabric is soft and incredibly comfortable and stays nice and intact after washes. Since the material is primarily heavy for colder weather, it makes more sense if it’s worn with a nice full sleeved top and jeans or leggings. It’s actually perfect to be worn with both short or knew long boots.

It’s everything one would associate with wintery/ fall vibes. It comes at less price which is basically equal to a bargain with such good quality and durability. It’s such a fun garment to experiment with for creating new and visibly unique looks. It’s also so tender; it’s like being covered in an endless bundle of blankets. One odd thing I’ve noticed and I’ve read that other people have complained about is the funky smell this sweater dress has when it arrives… which is totally real… it’s something musty and peculiar that you want to get rid of immediately, but gladly nothing a nice wash can’t eliminate!


Pxmoda Women’s Sleeveless Open Back Sweater

I know the main purpose of this virgin killer sweater dress is to be used for Cosplay… but it’s so on point with every type of Pxmoda Women's Sleeveless Open Back Sweaterfashion that one can hardly resist not purchasing it.

Not only does it make you look fabulous, but it also makes you feel like you know what you’re doing with your life (and we can only imagine what that feel like, right?). When something comes at a cheap price, we naturally assume that its quality is questionable; this sweater, however, breaks that universal law and stays strong both in its appearance and quality! I personally love to put on this dress over a full outfit; it’s so perfect for both fall and winter.

It keeps you warm and fuzzy and makes all your anime-princess/queen dreams come true at the same time. The draw-string might give some very tribal vibes but I assure you it gives freshness to your look and turns the outfit into something unique and fabulous! And when all of this comes under 20$? It’s like the anime and fashion gods have mutually smiled upon you. Trust me; your holy soul itself will thank me when you purchase it, amen.

Exlura Women’s Off Shoulder

This mini sweater dress is an excellently innovative idea for creating a unique and eye-catching outfit. I find it to be Exlura Women's Off Shoulderthe perfect choice for several outings or events. Whether you want to enjoy a day out with your friends, a casual event or even just a cosy day at home, this sweater is a great option for all!

The quality of the fabric is really good, I wasn’t actually expecting it to survive even the first wash, but I’m happy to have nothing but positive feedback for its durability. The V-shaped opening at its back is also incredibly attractive and compliments one’s figure effortlessly.

It can easily be paired with a full shirt and leggings underneath or worn by itself if one enjoys something a little more provocative and attention-capturing. It’s a beauty to be worn with boots; it’s almost as if boots were created to go with it. The only thing about this sweater dress that bothers me is the fact that it comes in a single size that’s supposed to fit all, which often doesn’t. It’s also only available in one colour (a lavender violet) that might not fit with every person’s taste.