Late actor John Mills six tips for living into your late 90s

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Born on February 22, 1908, Sir John Mills played a major part in the entertainment industry during his lifetime.

Having won an Oscar in 1971 for best supporting actor in the film Ryan’s Daughter, Sir Mills totalled more than 120 movies across eight decades.

Arguably, some of his greatest works included Great Expectations (1946), Hobson’s Choice (1954), and The Family Way (1966).

At 92, Sir Mills penned How To Live To Ninety-Two And Retain A Sense Of Humour.

While he went on to live another five years, it’s unlikely his good habits would have stopped abruptly, so what did he do?

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In the book, he wrote: “Nearly every day I swim 20 lengths of quite a big pool.”

The father-of-three also took time to play golf with his grandson, Henry.

“Fortunately, I’m a great believer in mind over matter,” Sir Mills stated.

Giving an example, the star revealed what he would do the moment he felt he was feeling under the weather.

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“If I think I feel a bit grotty I tell myself I feel terrific and it usually works like a charm,” he revealed.

The devoted husband, to wife Mary Hayley Bell, also shared his top tip for longevity in terms of what he ate.

“Without doubt, my good health these days is down to the Hay Diet,” he noted.

Having followed the Hay Diet for more than 60 years, he would “never mix carbohydrates and protein”.

He elaborated: “As a rule, I start the day with a bowl of Sultana Bran with soya milk.”

Sir Mills was also a fan of his career path, describing his job as “rewarding”.

The entertainer added there are two important things he has learned in life.

“One is to stick to the Hay Diet. The other is moderation,” he clarified.

He added: “And I say that as a very immoderate man who loves too much, eats too much and drinks too much if I’m not careful.”

Sir Mills shared: “In the Army, I even smoked like a chimney, though thank God I stopped eventually.”

Sir Mills’ top tips for longevity:

  1. Exercise often
  2. Connect with loved ones
  3. Have a positive mindset
  4. Follow the Hay Diet
  5. Do what you enjoy
  6. Moderation is key.

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