Is Bindi Irwin Having Her Baby Now?

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late animal wrangler and wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, may have given fans a hint that her baby is going to be arriving soon in her latest Instagram post. The baby girl will be a first for her and her fellow wildlife advocate husband, Chandler Powell.

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“Waiting for Baby Wildlife Warrior to arrive,” reads the caption of her post, showing mom Terry, brother Robert, and Powell all looking at Bindi’s baby bump as the family stands in their natural habitat Australia Zoo.

While it didn’t tell us much about what’s actually going on, this post makes us wonder if it means she’s going into labor or will be sometime very soon. Giving birth is something she’s been pretty vocal about feeling prepared for thanks to all of her experience watching Mother Nature take its course out in the wilds of Australia.

“I’ve watched so many giraffes give birth, and mother giraffes actually give birth standing up and the poor little calf has to drop so far to the ground,” she said during an Entertainment Tonight interview. “And you know it’s a little bit terrifying when you watch that. So I figure, as long as it’s easier than a giraffe birth, I’ll be fine.”

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The couple first revealed that they were expecting last summer, and they’ve kept fans up to date on the details of Irwin’s pregnancy ever since (including sharing images from the absolute perfect nursery for a baby whose parents call the Australia Zoo home). Earlier this month Powell shared pictures of the magical zoo mural the two had painted on the walls of the baby’s room by fellow conservationist and artist Maryanne Oliver.

The entire family has a love for all things wild. Even grandma-to-be Terri is going to go by the more furry moniker, “Bunny.” In an interview with The Bump, Bindi explained that a lot of thought went into the decision. “We spent a long time searching for grandma names that also had an animal link,” she said. “We decided that she’s going to be called ‘Bunny’.” Could this family get any sweeter?

Based on the tender way these two look at this sugar glider, we’re sure they are going to make excellent parents. We can’t wait to meet their new bundle of joy, and wish mom a safe (and speedy) labor and delivery!

Bindi has already seen a lot of fur-babies born, but if you want to see what childbirth looks like, here’s a few raw photos to check out. 

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