Experts warn of new Coronavirus-wave in the UK

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 9.2 million people have been infected so far worldwide, with the novel Coronavirus, 190.956 in Germany – where it always comes back to local outbreaks.

Experts warn of new Coronavirus-wave in the UK

Health experts warn insistently of a second Corona wave of Infection in the UK. It is a &quot was;real Risiko", you wrote in a Wednesday from the "The British Medical Journal" the published letter. They criticized it’s the biggest lock of the pandemic and the measures in England. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had given them the day before known.

It must now be quickly acted to prevent even more deaths and losses for the economy, ask the experts in an open letter to the party leaders. The appeal to the presidents of medical societies signed. Reuters/Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/dpa Stormy times for Boris Johnson.

Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, museums, galleries, cinemas, libraries, hair salons and churches may, subject to certain conditions 4. July in England open. At the same time Johnson had announced to reduce the distance by two meters to one Meter. The new measures apply only to England. Every part of the country in the UK, determined on his own measures.

"While the extent of the pandemic is in the UK, it is difficult to forecast, interpret the available evidence to suggest that local outbreaks are increasingly likely, and a second shaft ist&quot a real risk;, the experts wrote in their letter. The government must not only fight the (economic) consequences of the first pandemic wave quickly, but must also ensure that the country was adequately prepared for a second wave.

Government advisors from the medical area. on Tuesday, the relaxations as &quot…not risikofrei" referred to. The UK is the most difficult of the Corona-crisis-affected country in Europe: According to official statistics, 43 000 were killed a positive effect on the Virus-tested people. Experts anticipate a high number of unreported cases.

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